Tameka Raymond Blasts the Media Over Eviction Rumors

tameka raymond

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Was Tameka Raymond evicted by Usher? Tameka Raymond seems to make the headlines for virtually the same story every few months. For the last year it seems, the gossip blogs continue to speculate that Usher is putting his home for sale and forcing Tameka to move out of the home that she’s been living in since the end of their marriage. Each time the reports reappear, Tameka has taken to her Twitter account to blast the accusations and claim them to be false. So it’s no surprise that history repeats itself again when another story of Tameka being evicted continues to spread to the urban gossip blogs.

TMZ reported a couple of days ago that Usher has listed his Georgia home that Tameka is currently residing in for sale for $3.2 million. They also claimed once again the the R&B singer has given Tameka a notice of an upcoming eviction as a result of the sale. Although TMZ claims to have evidence of the listing, it appears that Tameka is still once again resorting to her Twitter account to blast the website for what she says is reporting inaccurate information and downright lies. Tameka Raymond rants on Twitter and claims she was not evicted.

She tweets (read from the bottom up):

tameka raymond evicted

The home Tameka Raymond is residing in does belong to Usher, but as a part of the divorce settlement, she has been allowed to stay in the home. However, Usher can put the house up for sale at anytime according to reports.


  1. If Tameka was really smart, she’s get out of that house and get her own place. That way she could totally be independent and not have to depend on Usher anymore. I would.

  2. She needs to get out the damn house anyway. Don’t wait on him to do it for you girl. Let that house go and get your own dream house.

  3. This again? I wish people would let this woman be. And it really does seem like TMZ has it out for her or is in cahoots with Usher. Because they put out the SAME STORY like twice a month. smh.

  4. I just want her to stand on her own damn feet. Let him have the house!!!! Stop relying on his kindness!!!! She owns a nice boutique in Atlanta, she doesn’t have to stay there anymore. Buy your own damn house!!!

  5. Gold digger. He needs to kick her out so she can finally be out his life. That’s why you always listen to your momma!!!

    1. Usher’s not a catch his damn self if you take away the fame and money. He’s a selfish momma’s boy. If she was wise, she would have never dated him and let alone have married him. He has too many issues.

  6. I’m with everyone else who said she needs to move out herself. She needs to stop letting Usher have power over here and get herself some happiness. I’d like to see her with a man, dating, and living her life. I know she’s been through a lot, but at what point will she get fed up and move forward? IJS.

  7. Tameka is acting like a gold digger, the one thing she swears up and down she isn’t. If she was really trying to be independent, she would have moved out of that house on her own once the divorce was final. Usher has moved on, and she’s still living in his home. I don’t get it.

  8. It’s real easy to say someone needs to move on when you’re not in their shoes. Let her do her in her own time. Stop be so judgmental. Most women would have had a nervous breakdown if they lived one day in this woman’s shoes. Stop it.

    1. Say that again……Cause some didn’t understand…..Walk in her shoes and see how long you last…..
      Go Tameka!!!!

  9. Well it about time she been talking big sh-t for years. now that he has his kids I figured her was out . They post the court document on Usher Facebook in then took it down. So for sure she out the door. I smell a book. But. I hope this is it cause I am so tired of this soap operah

  10. “Anonymous” up there must be Usher or a childish, vindictive, whiny, weak, wimpy mama’s boy!!!! Mama aint always right all the time, especially if she in love with her son and don’t think anybody would ever be good enough for him. Even Usher contradicted the lie she told Oprah during the interview. But it would be wise for Tameka to buy her own house b/c aint no telling when this nasty bastard WILL want to throw her out. God bless the child that got her own!

  11. And ya’ll with ya hateful judgemental comments, y’all need to leave this woman alone because if any of yo baby daddy’s threatened to take away your kids and actually succeeds in doing so aint no telling what building you’d be about to jump off of or who you’d be ready to kill so unless you’ve taken her walk, hush!

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