Florida Man Commits Suicide Because President Obama Wins Second Term

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It’s clear that not everyone was thrilled that President Obama won a second term in the White House, especially not anyone in the Republican Party. We expected sour grapes, ridiculous petitions, hell I can’t even say I’m shocked that many states in the South are attempting to secede from the United States government, but when people start taking their own lives, one has to really scratch their heads at the antics. Not everyone is going to support President Obama, that’s clear, and that’s fair. But a Florida man took his non support of the President to the insanest of levels. How? Well he killed himself, all because President Obama won re-election, and defeated Romney in a landslide of electoral votes.

According to WPTV, Harry Hamilton committed suicide when Obama’s victory was confirmed by the media. The cause behind his suicide was determined by statements he made during the election according to those close to him, as well as a short suicide note that was left at the scene and discovered by authorities. Apparently Hamilton believed strongly that Obama would “ruin” the country entirely. And he had rather take his own life then live through a second term with President Obama.

According to some reports, Hamilton was a business owner and owned a tanning salon. Hamilton’s partner confirmed that he stated that, “If Barack gets re-elected, I am not going to be around.”

Hamilton’s body was discovered with two empty prescription pill bottles and a suicidal note that read, “Do not revive! F-ck Obama!”

We can’t make this stuff up folks.


  1. Sad. This is why people need to stop watching Fox News and listing to Rush Limbaugh. These people will have you thinking that there is no hope with Obama as president. He killed himself for nothing. smh

    1. Agreed. I would go further and say that placing this much energy into politics is not healthy to begin with. No man or men should have that much power over you.

  2. Umm yeah no, I wasn’t going to kill myself if Romney won. I didn’t believe in his policies, but I think that’s a cowardly way of thinking.

    1. Cosign that. This person had issues way before Obama won his second term. He would most likely kill himself if Romney won too.

  3. You know Obama’s policies really aren’t that extreme. I really wonder if they would have killed themselves or acting this ridiculous if Obama had been a white man. I seriously doubt it.

  4. SMH. And then you got those idiots requesting to secede from the USA, I can’t believe people are still this stupid in 2012.

  5. This country just baffles me. I think the real problem here is that Repubs (racist whites in the party) are terrified that there was enough minorities to put Barack back in the white house. They realize that they are soon to be outnumbered. Right now they are working on laws to put a stop to that and I wouldn’t be surprised if we have another civil war on our hands.

    1. I’m sorry, moving out of the country is just as dumb as killing yourself. Why would you go to Canada? Did you know that Canada has a sh-tty a– employment rate as well? You would be hurting yourself more than helping yourself. Whatever apartment or house you live in, you will still have to pay rent/mortgage and you probably won’t even have a job because of their employment rate.

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