RHOA Hair Stylist Miss Lawrence Confirms Kim Zolciak is Being Phased Out The Show

is kim zolciak leaving rhoa

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Is Kim Zolciak leaving RHOA? Since last Spring, it’s been rumored that NeNe Leakes’ arch enemy could be possibly leaving the series. Although she didn’t officially get fired like originals Sheree Whitfield and Lisa Hartwell, rumors suggested that her role in Season 5 of Real Housewives of Atlanta would be a minor one since. The rumor of her having a minor role has many feeling Kim Zolciak is leaving RHOA. Kim has denied that her role on the show isn’t as big as it’s been on the past several seasosn on numerous occasions, but many found it odd that she was missing in most of the promotional photo shoots. Kim always cites other reasons why she isn’t included in the promotional pieces as much as the other girls, but things just are not adding up. So is Kim Zolciak leaving RHOA?

Too Fab caught up with the fabulous and always real Miss Lawrence last month. He is the sassy hair stylist of RHOA. He has done hair for Sheree Whitfield and Kenya Moore, and has a pretty solid relationship with most of the cast. In the interview, he spills some tea on Kim Zolciak and in a couple of words, confirms that Kim Zolciak is leaving RHOA. He says Kim is indeed being phased out the show and moving on with her family life. But according to Miss Lawrence, Kim isn’t going to miss being a housewife, and will happily remove herself from the drama.

He says:

“I’m happy for her. Her show is doing well. She’s no longer part of “Housewives.” She moved on. Kim wanted something that showcased more of just her and her family — her being a mother and a wife. You’ll see her a few times pop in and out.”

Miss Lawrence isn’t the only one who has revealed that Kim Zolciak is leaving RHOA and being phased out. Recently, a source told US Weekly that after a blowup with the production staff, Kim’s time on the show is definitely limited.


  1. I am glad for this if this is true. Her racist and prejudice butt needs to go back to the trailer park she came from. And her husband is about a year from being out the league too!

  2. I figured this much. Kim finally has what she really wanted. A husband who’s a professional athlete and a growing family. Some women feel that’s the ultimate goal and nothing else tops it. She doesn’t need the show anymore.

  3. Is it me or did Kim never reall fit and flow well with the rest of the cast? I also hope that Marlo returns. I miss her ratchet behavior.

  4. Honestly, I don’t blame her. She has her own life now and she may not want to be apart of the cat fights and drama. She’s not someone I will miss though.

  5. I actually like Kim’s messy a–. She keeps up the drama with NeNe but hey, if she’s ready to move on, I can understand it. But she may want to get her own show to keep money flowing in. I don’t know if her husband’s NFL career is as dependable as she thinks it is.

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