Snoop Lion (Snoop Dogg) Feeds The Hungry Kids in Jamaica

By: Taren Vaughan

Snoop Lion, formerly known to his die hard fans as Rapper Snoop Dogg, appears to have turned over a new leaf when it comes to his lifestyle and image. The name change that he underwent following trips that he took to Jamaica, along with the drastic switch in his attire and overall appearance had people thinking that there was something strange going on with Snoop, not being used to seeing him in this fashion. Despite everything though, Snoop still remains to be one of the notable lyricists that put the west coast on the map as far as the rap game is concerned. While his rhymes are praised by Hip Hop heads all around, the extracurricular activities that Snoop Lion engages in do not sit too well with many people, Snoop often catching a lot of heat for his open use of marijuana and the influence that he has had on his younger fans. As some of his actions don’t always paint the best picture of him, Snoop Lion is now associated with something that is on its way to helping those who are in great need of assistance. Snoop Lion, along with John Paul Dejoria of Paul Mitchell and Patron Spirits, started up “The Mind Gardens Project” in Jamaica. The purpose of the program is to aid residents of the Caribbean island with essential resources and tools that they need in order to grow their own food, hunger amongst children being a major issue there. Snoop spoke on what inspired him to start the program, saying that the condition of the country really drove him to do it:

“When I went to Jamaica we took time to visit these communities in Kingston, and I was deeply affected by the poverty and lack of good food available to the children,” “No child should go hungry. After all the inspiration Jamaica had provided me, I felt compelled to create a program to give back to the community.”

Chris Reed of Ginger Brew, a company of which Snoop partnered with for the project, also reiterated the fact that everyone is extremely dedicated to making a true difference:

“We’ve been looking for a way to give back to Jamaica,” “Nothing is more basic than food in helping people help themselves. Snoop helping to educate the world on how to eat better, and encouraging communities to grow their own organic food — this is very positive change. We are also excited about rolling out this project to many U.S. cities. My company has always tried to offer people better, healthier options when it comes to what they drink.”

Snoop Lion stating that he wants to bring the project back to the states:

“This is just the start, we have some big plans to roll out Mind Gardens stateside in the year to come,” “We can all do our part to help people eat healthier and live better. Bless up! Jah Rastafari!”

It is always heartwarming to see artists give back to those in need. Very thoughtful of you Snoop.


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