Snoop Dogg (Lion) Blasted for Showing His Support for Accused Murderer Aaron Hernandez

Photo Credit: @snoopdogg Instagram
Photo Credit: @snoopdogg Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

Snoop Dogg’s support for Aaron Hernandez has pissed off many of his fans and supporters. Snoop Dogg, also known as Snoop Lion, has always been a rather controversial and outspoken celebrity as the rapper has never kept his love of “Mary Jane” a secret. The same goes for his good deeds too as the California native started up the “Mind Gardens” project to feed the hungry children in Jamaica. However, the latest move Snoop Dogg pulled on his IG account did not sit well with folks at all as the rapper sent out a supportive message to former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez. Aaron Hernandez is facing a charge for the murder of 27-year-old Odin Lloyd and is currently being held in jail without bail. And to show his support for the ex-NFL star during this rough time, Snoop took to his Instagram account and posted a picture of him and Aaron together along with the caption:

“Keep ya head up !! We prayn 4 ya”

snoop dogg instagram support aaron hernandez


In an instant, Snoop’s followers let him know exactly how they felt about the picture.

Here are some of the angry comments:

I’m praying for u too Hernandez!! Praying your fake wanna be gangsta a*s doesn’t get slaughter in prison homie! You’re a waste of man and talent!! Now your daughter is gonna have to be raised by another man while you sit away in a cell.

@snoopdogg are you on #teamzimmerman?? Bc he shot and killed a innocent person as well… Are you “prayn” for him too?? Didn’t think !! so!! #dumbF*CK

F*ck Hernandez. Your a dumb a*s for this snoop.

@snoopdogg get the f*ck outta here. U support him I don’t support u no more

Hypocrite. How can you be involved with stopping gun violence and then show love for what this guy is about. Lost respect for @snoopdogg.

Wow you really need to take this down…he murdered that man in cold blood and has no remorse!! Support should go to the Odin family not AH


Despite the uproar the photo caused, Snoop Dogg seems to be standing by his support for Aaron Hernandez whether people like it or not.

Is Snoop Dogg out of line for openly supporting Aaron Hernandez even though the former NFL player has not been proven guilty or innocent at this point?

Speak on it.



  1. For PR purposes, it’s not a good look. I think people like Snoop like to give athletes a pass. But at the same token, they will say off with Zimmerman’s head. Not fair at all.

    But I guess it’s ok for other minorities to kill our black men, just not white men.

    1. “But I guess it’s ok for other minorities to kill our black men, just not white men.” < And there it is.

  2. People always give athletes a pass. Why? Because they want them back in the game scoring points. Smh.

  3. I think everyone needs to chill. I look up and the next thing I know Aaron Hernandez is suspected of killing like 30 people but Zimmerman might get off for murdering an unarmed black boy. And that’s all I need to say. *walks out post*

      1. You’re right but I think Queen’s point is it’s easier to send a person of color to jail for a murder than a white person. We don’t have the same rules. That’s not fair.

  4. Damn. I like Snoop, maybe he really does think AH is innocent. That’s his right. But if the proof comes out in court and he’s found guilty, I hope he at least shows some support to the victim and the victim’s family.

  5. Thugs of a feather flock together!! BLOODS. Hernandez is a murderous thug. RIP, PRAYERS FOR THE LLOYD FAMILY.

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