Rihanna Gets Booed at One of Her Concerts & Stops Show to Rant at Another

By: Taren Vaughan

Rihanna has been one busy person as she has been hitting the studio full force working on her latest album “Unapologetic”, which was recently released, and is also in the process of launching her own fragrance, a number of other musical celebrities taking on that same business venture. And in the midst of  all the happenings in her career, she also takes time out to address her love life, or sex life rather, and dispel rumors about her dating ex-boyfriend Chris Brown again.  As many continue to make assumptions about what is really going on between her and Chris, one thing for sure about Rihanna is that she is hard at work on her music.  The pop star is currently on an international tour, putting on shows all across the globe as Rihanna’s fan base has continued to extend beyond the U.S.  During a recent performance in London, Rihanna abruptly stopped what she was doing on stage and went completely off about a miscue between her band and the DJ. During her on stage rant, Ri Ri apologized to her fans that were taping and streaming the show for the interruption and started her performance over again. As Rihanna was clearly upset with the mishaps that went on during her performance, it looks as thought she managed to piss off some of her fans herself after arriving over two hours late for her show in Berlin, Germany, NME reports:

Rihanna’s multinational tour also ran into trouble last night (18 November) at Berlin’s E-Werk venue when a late start led to booing crowds. The audience, many of whom had been waiting since 8pm for her scheduled 9pm start, were disgruntled to still be waiting for the pop star’s arrival onstage at 11.30pm. DJs Congo Rock and Reflex had long since finished and the crowd were subjected to taped songs by artists including Jessie J.

Fans started chanting Rihanna’s name but the stage remained empty. “Check your watch,” heckled one fan. “Get on the f–king stage,” said another. When the singer arrived, counted in by a special 777 promo, the mood quickly turned in her favour for what was one of the best-sounding sets of the week. “Berlin what’s popping, how you guys doing tonight?” she said, without an apology for the late arrival.

Rihanna has rubbed her fans the wrong way in the past before when it comes to her performances. Yet the vast majority of them still continue to show her love.

Peep the clip below of an obviously irritated Rihanna during her performance in London:



  1. She’s got too much going on. I’m not sure she even needed to go on this tour. Her album is already number one in like 23 countries. She shouldn’t work herself so hard.

    1. Actually, Rihanna needs to work harder than most because she can’t sing or perform very well. Her talent level is at a minimum. And that’s why she comes out with albums every year. She knows she can’t take a break or her career will be over. She can be replaced easily and she knows it.

      1. TRUTH! I think that’s why Rihanna releases album every year too. It’s like she’s afraid to sit down and take a break because she can be replaced or something.

      2. If she can be replaced so easily, why hasn’t she? I’ll sip my coffee while I wait on you to answer…if you can even find one (doubt it).

        1. My goodness you’re pressed. How cute. You can’t be grown making all these comments and having a “fave.” I’ll just let you simmer. Lord knows your little heart can’t take the truth about your overrated idol.

    2. She’s number one already? On what, iTunes? At the end of the day, she won’t sell as many records as a big star like her should. She’s a singles artist and always has been. I don’t see that changing this time either.

  2. This tour is pretty much a disaster. It was unnecessary considering that she was still riding off the publicity with the whole love triangle situation…because you know that’s what it was all about anyway.

  3. Do people go to her show just to look at her or see what she wears? I’m asking because her performances leave so much to be desired for me. At least Chris Brown can dance.

  4. PSA: Hating on Rihanna won’t make your fave more successful. But I hope it makes you all feel better about being crapped on by the Bajan Princess. Good day.

  5. I’m suprise people can be easely fooled, well its obvious to me atlist that, that was an act of Rihanna on stage just to spice up the show a bit geez dah! She wasn’t realy annoyd! E.g kanye & taylor swift that plannd show script to do a show some juicy moments & get people talkin dah! Ever wonderd that maybe chri & riri assault was a plannd scenerio did you see chris beating riri? how much you think they earnd from that scandal dah again! Its calld making money

    1. So Chris beating the crap out of Rihanna never happened? I guess you didn’t see that picture of her busted face. SMH.

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