Katt Williams Says He’s Not on Drugs

katt williams drugs

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Katt Williams has been making headlines numerously for the last couple of months for his several public meltdowns he’s had on stage during his stand up tour. The comedian who is usually hilarious hasn’t been very funny lately, and continues to disappoint many of his fans with as he seems to rant more on stage these days than he does tell jokes. Then of course Williams also seems to be more violent also, as he’s been arrested several times in the last few weeks for allegedly assaulting his own fans and fellow comedians. He was just arrested in Oakland for allegedly hitting a man in the head with a bottle, and faces a lawsuit from his former assistant, a woman who accuses him of punching her in the face.

Despite the meltdowns and eerie rants Katt Williams is captured doing in recent videos recorded by those that attended his recent shows, Katt tells the Denver Post that he really doesn’t care what anyone says about him, nor the stories out there about his erratic behavior:

“I could care less what people say about me. The reason that I’m in (the press) more times bad than good is because I don’t pay people to make me look good. That’s called publicity. So at no point when you’ve ever heard anything bad about me was I ever trying to get any attention.”

And when it comes to the rumors that suggest Katt Williams’ bizarre behavior as of late is due to drug use, the comedian just shrugs off the rumors and claims he isn’t on cocaine, a charge that even came from fellow comedian Faizon Love:

“I’m over 40 years old and I’ve never tried cocaine or meth or speed or ecstasy or Viagra. I smoke weed and occasionally have alcohol but other than that I eat pretty good and I sleep pretty good.”

Despite shooting down the drug use rumors, Katt had yet another meltdown after he gave this interview. In Oakland, the comedian got into it yet again with someone in the audience and had to be dragged off the stage by his own security, which ironically included Suge Knight.

Check out the video below (NSFW due to profanity). This is the shorter version:

And here’s the full version:


  1. When I read about Katt’s troubles, it reminds me of what Dave Chapelle went through. Sometimes they go through things because of the pressures of the industry, and it makes them snap. But the media will always say they are on drugs or crazy. Dave Chappelle said it best when he said the media always tries to make the smartest celebs out to be crazy. I don’t think Katt is on drugs. I think they are just trying to destroy him because he speaks the damn truth and he snapped.

  2. Either he’s on drugs or he has a violent version of the Napoleon Complex because he’s always trying to fight someone. Either way, he’s killing his own career.

  3. Something is definitely up with him and where the hell are his kids? Didn’t he have like 5 kids he was taking care of?

  4. Katt is just another victim of TMZ. TMZ loves to destroy black celebs. And the sad thing is the black blogs are just following suit and not trying to take a look and see a different side. This man is not on drugs, if anything, he’s battling some mental issues.

    1. I have no respect for TMZ after that whole Jackson Family drama they created. They completely lied on Janet Jackson and had to print a retraction because she was going to sue them. I thought MTO was bad but TMZ is the damn devil. They always know when something bad has happened to someone before anyone else does, but rarely do they ever post any good news. I don’t go there anymore.

    2. There are some smart people on this blog! Yes, TMZ is the damn devil and they always try to ruin careers of black celebs. Katt is no exception. I do not believe the man is on drugs. And it’s not because I’m a fan. It’s because of the source! Has anyone else noticed that they are always the ones breaking the Katt Williams stories? I think he has some issues, especially anger ones, but I do not think he is on drugs. He has kids and he has custody of every single one of them because their momma is a junkie. Katt is really smart and I think he is going through the same thing Chapelle went through.

  5. I don’t know what’s going on with Katt but he called into the Steve Harvey Show the other day and sounded like he was fine. I think he is just going through some things and has anger issues. He has always had a temper.

  6. Who admits to doing drugs though? I think he’s on something. I watched the videos and his behavior is identical to that of a crackhead. He talks to himself and randomly raps on stage. He doesn’t even tell jokes anymore. The only thing it could be if it isn’t drugs is mental illness.

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