Trailer For Beyonce’s New Movie ‘Epic’ Released

By: Taren Vaughan

Being a wife and becoming a new mother hasn’t appeared to slow Beyonce’ Knowles down too much when it comes to her career. Beyonce’ has recently created much buzz about the upcoming album that she is working on. And looking at the names that have been dropped as far as who she will be working with on her album, it’s predicted that she is well on her way to producing a very solid product, much to her fans’ pleasure. In addition to working on her new music, Beyonce’ has also snagged a role in the animated film Epic where the superstar singer plays the voice of “Queen Tara”.

As Bey is no stranger to the acting side of things, this will be the first animated feature film that she has starred in, joining Colin Ferrell, Amanda Seyfried, Johnny Knoxville and Josh Hutcherson as the talented voices of the characters.

Epic is set to be released in theaters in 3D in May of 2013.

Peep the “Epic” movie trailer below:


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