NeNe Leakes Says Kim Zolciak is Lying About Why She Quit RHOA

nene leakes

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

NeNe Leakes doesn’t seem too sad about Kim Zolciak leaving Real Housewives of Atlanta. As we recently reported, Kim Zolciak confirmed that she is quitting the reality show that made her famous and even introduced her to her NFL husband, Kroy Biermann. According to Kim, she left the show because she could no longer handle the drama as a pregnant woman. And the drama Kim says made her sign her walking papers was a result of her refusing to attend a trip to see Cynthia renew her wedding vows. She says the other ladies were furious that she could not attend, and that things got real nasty as a result. Kim also suggests that she is at a place in her life where she feels her family should come first, and a reality show just can’t be a priority any longer. While Kim’s reasoning sounding good and very grown up, many just aren’t buying Kim’s reasons for leaving the show.

I guess you can add NeNe’s name to list of people who just can’t seem to believe Kim’s side of the story. NeNe took to her Twitter account the other day to shade Kim, and even suggested that she’s completely lying about why she’s walking away from the show.

NeNe tweets (read from the bottom up):

nene leakes kim zolciak beef

It sounds like NeNe plans to expose what really happened with Kim if Kim isn’t being truthful. After all, we did hear that the drama between Kim and the other ladies gets really intense this season.


    1. Oh, I hope got fired. She was just drama, drama, drama…w/o any substance. Anyone that would throw their own parents out, especially by security guards, of their wedding doesn’t deserve anyone’s respect!

  1. NeNe will need to find another child to bully on that show. Kim was finally sent packing to her double wide trailer.

    1. She has the yes lady…..Cynthia…….of course Ms.Thing knows who to side with….she’s become Kenya…tell-it-gram…….

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