Gossip: Did Halle Berry Set Up Gabriel Aubry with the Thanksgiving Brawl?

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It’s been a crazy 24 hours for Halle Berry as the actress witnessed her fiance Oliver Martinez and baby daddy Gabriel Aubry get into a rather violent fist fight. The fight was so violent that it left both men injured, but according to reports, Aubry got it the worst. He had to go to the hospital with broken ribs and lost the rights to see his daughter Nahla thanks to a restraining order filed by Halle and Martinez. It is the latter part that has many people speculating that Gabriel was set up as a result of Halle losing the custody case a few weeks ago. The actress requested to move to France with her daughter Nahla, but the courts refused to give her the rights to move out of the country and leave Gabriel Aubry behind. And Halle’s relationship with Gabriel has been sour for quite some time now, and there’s still some resentment from both sides.  The latest gossip and opinions suggest that the actress and her fiance possibly planned to provoke Gabriel to get this reaction, and make him look violent enough to get keep Nahla away from her father.

Even Celeb Dirty Laundry writes about how too convenient the timing is:

As Hollywood Hiccups suggests there is more to this story than meets the eye. Right now Gabriel is in jail being booked for his assault on Olivier – sounds fishy. All the witnesses are Team Halle and the combatants spoke only French. So who do you think is giving the cops the story? Olivier has the broken hand and Gabriel the broken rib – think about that for a minute. If you ask me, Olivier and Halle instigated the fight. Those two snakes have everything to gain by making Gabriel look bad and are very bitter about losing their bid in court to steal Nahla. Already Halle has obtained a restraining order against Gabriel which prevents him from seeing Nahla or getting within a 100 yards of her or Olivier.

Once again Halle is trying to use the law to marginalize Gabriel. Hopefully his legal team will sort this out quickly. Halle is a bully who uses her money to buy legal representation to do her dirty work.

Gabriel is a great father and Nahla loves him very much. Olivier is an interloper who tried, with Halle, to steal Gabriel’s daughter away from him.


We do have to admit that we also think that the events that transpired are a little suspicious, especially since the people that tipped off TMZ were all Halle’s associates who were intent on using words like “crazy” to describe Gabriel, and “crazy” is usually the word that the courts deem worthy enough to take kids away from parents. But for now, all of this is just opinions, as we all still have to wait for more facts to come out.


    1. Exactly. That’s why I don’t really care for Halle. She does a lot of messed up things to her exes just because the relationship didn’t work out.

  1. Halle Berry is a gorgeous woman but she seems like she’s ugly to the bone on the inside. If she was decent human being, she wouldn’t be trying to take that baby away from her daddy just because they didn’t work out. I also think that the fact that she can’t keep a man but always blames everything on the men she dates says a lot about her character.

  2. Oh yeah something is def up with all of this. I only hope Gabriel has himself a great attorney because he’s going to need one.

  3. Man a lot of people are saying this! I hope Gabriel gets lawyered up and takes that bish down if she planned all of this!

  4. OF COURSE she set him up, is there even a tiny doubt in anyone’s mind?? And if she doesn’t win with this latest dirty trick I think she’s going to try something worse – far worse. Gabe, watch your back! She’s a disgusting human being.

  5. she set it up , I believe that Aubrey is being set up. He needs a good lawyer and a good publicist and start releasing some of the crap that Halle is putting him through

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