K. Michelle Drags Follower Who Asks Her About Memphitz

By: Taren Vaughan

Someone get dragged on K. Michelle‘s Twitter account for her asking about Memphitz? K. Michelle has had a lot of great things happen for her recently as the southern songbird has landed herself a major record deal, an accomplishment K. Michelle used her Twitter account to share with the world, especially the fan base that she has generated from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. She has also been featured on the cover of a popular men’s magazine as well, along with BBWLA’s Brooke Bailey. As things are looking very bright these days for K. Michelle, K. Michelle‘s Twitter account, and Instagram account, have been sources of drama for her, K. calling out and getting into it with a number of people on the social networks, one of her biggest beefs being with Toya Wright over K.’s claims of Toya’s husband Memphitz alleged abusing her when they dated. The beef turned ugly with the quickness as other parties got involved, causing things to escalate just that much more. As the beef has simmered down, some people just can’t seem to let the singer enjoy her moment without bringing up her ex-boyfriend Memphitz. In the midst of entertaining her followers with “Yo Momma” jokes on her official K. Michelle Twitter account, someone decided to randomly ask K. where Memphitz was. And of course K. Michelle didn’t have anything nice to say at all to the inquiry:

K. Michelle has often referred to herself as a jokester but when it comes to mentions of Memphitz, the laughter quickly gets cut short.



    1. They need to but they won’t and that’s because they know she’ll entertain them. If she was smart, she’d ignore them.

  1. She lacks any wit. Like her comebacks are always so damn immature. A 13 year old could have came up with that response.

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