Bow Wow Speaks on the Current State of Hip Hop and Rumors of Him Being Broke

By: Taren Vaughan

Bow Wow has been rapping since the age of six, released several studio albums and even had a minor name change too along the way. And although he has switched gears slightly by becoming one of the new hosts of BET’s 106 & Park, Bow Wow still acknowledges his rap roots and has continued to put out new music as a member of the Young Money crew. As Bow Wow continues to take on different avenues, rumors started up heavy suggesting that the rapper was having some major financial problems and that he was not a very good father to his daughter Shai. In a video clip from Real Talk NY, Bow Wow speaks on the money rumor specifically and another topic that is near and dear to him, being the current state of Hip-Hop. And as far as Bow Wow is concerned, things have gotten mighty trendy amongst the rappers that are out now and wishes that record labels would make more attempts to pick up artists with true talent:

“I believe we’re in this trend phase, that’s what I was just telling my boys about that um, you know, we’re in this trendy rap era where you see a lot of, and it’s sad you know and I just put this on Facebook, you know, how these labels are setting artists up to fail…They’re jumping on these guys’ records that may have 2 million hits on Youtube. But that doesn’t mean 2 millions hits on Youtube is gonna allow you to stay in this game for 5, 6 years. See, I’m looking for guys like, real artists, you know. It’s time for labels to start signing real artists, artists that are gonna be here for 5 years, 6,7, 8 years. Not artists that are gonna be here over the course of the summer. Not artists that are gonna be here over 6 months or artists that are gonna be here over the summer. And that’s what we’re seeing, constantly. Every time you see a new rapper get signed, the pattern never fails. They put out one good club record and then next thing you know, they’re gone. And it’s like fast quick money for these major labels and the artist is what, happy off of making $10,000, $5,000 by going into the club? That’s not a career. We need more guys like Kanye in the game, we need to sign more “Kendrick Lamars”, more real artists that can really lead Hip-Hop into the direction that it should go.”

Bow Wow also added that he was glad that he took the gig with 106 & Park. And that although Hip-Hop has become trendy, he too is guilty of putting out, as he put it, music that is apart of the “bullsh-t movement”. But says that it’s up to the labels to search for the truly talented individuals out there:

“As A&R’s, as major labels, they really have to go to these towns and find talent. You don’t hear anything about showcases anymore, you don’t hear about talent shows anymore. And that’s what we need to see. We gotta get back to getting raw talent. And then you won’t have to hear about people saying Hip-Hop is dead or Hip-Hop is just a trendy form of music now. Or you gotta make up a dance in order to, you know what I’m saying. It’s just time to get back to the talent. Anybody can write a four word hook and repeat a million times. There’s no artistry in that. We need artists. We need songwriters in the game. And that’s really all I gotta say about that really. To me, it’s boring.”

And when it comes to the chatter about him being low on funds, Bow Wow seems to find much humor in them. And says that he really doesn’t put too much focus into the opinions of others:

“I love it, you know what I mean. I just laugh at it. One thing about me, I’m a smart guy, very smart. Things that I do, are for reasons. Things that I don’t do, are for reasons. For myself, I’m very comfortable, very comfortable. For me, it’s all about the work. I really don’t read blogs…I really don’t read blogs at all because that’s not why I’m in the game. I’m in the game for my fans and to make them smile and to make them enjoy what I do. But as far as rumors, those are people’s opinions. They can voice their opinions, they can say what they want to say. But until you see me on the corner with a cardboard box saying “Yo, I’ll tap dance for food and canned goods”, then um, then you could say that. But uh yeah, I just bought my Hublot the other day, so I don’t think I’m doing that bad, Black Magic Hublot by the way, Big Bang.”

Check out the clip below:


  1. He has a point when he was talking about what Hip Hop needs to do to gain substance again. But I kind of wish he would stop talking about how he’s not broke if he says he doesn’t read the blogs. That’s most likely not the truth. All celebs read the blogs. They are too much of narcissists not to.

  2. I still think he’s having money problems. But his ego is too big for him to ever admit it. Either way, he has a new gig and seems happy, so good for him.

  3. He may not be broke. He could have just put out the broke rumors to get child support down to what he felt was a reasonable amount to pay.

  4. He couldn’t have been more right about how to fix the current state of Hip Hop. The problem is the one hit wonders who are looking for a quick buck and not having the passion or talent for longevity. And yes, they are attractive to the record execs who really don’t want to invest in an artist long term. The only thing that could probably cut down all the fluff acts is a surge of real talent that can actually sell records. I think Kendrick Lamar could be the beginning of a movement of some sorts.

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