Tameka Raymond Gives Her Views on Halle Berry’s Thanksgiving Drama

tameka raymond

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Halle Berry’s recent drama on Thanksgiving day is far from over as the fist fight between her fiance Oliver Martinez and baby daddy Gabriel Aubry, which was followed up by a restraining order filed against Aubry which prevents him having any interaction with their daughter Nahla. Interestingly enough there is speculation that the whole confrontation could have been a ploy to put the child custody case back in Halle’s favor. Especially since the courts just recently ruled that she could not her daughter Nahla to France. This has only intensified the pretty rocky relationship Halle and Gabriel have had as co-parents, which has consisted of both bashing each other in interviews.

If there’s anyone that understands bitter ends to relationships and nasty child custody battles, it would have to be Tameka Raymond. After losing custody of her two sons to Usher and experiencing the death of her son Kile, Tameka has had a tough year emotionally. And perhaps that explains why she has sympathetic view of the situation and maybe that is why she can see Gabriel Aubry’s side a little more than most.

During the holiday, Tameka took to her Twitter account to reflect on Halle Berry’s situation and give her honest opinions on the whole ordeal that left Gabriel Aubry in the hospital and without the rights to see his daughter thanks to Halle and Oliver filing a restraining order against him.

She tweets (read from the bottom up):

halle berry tameka raymond tweet

tameka raymond halle berry tweet


  1. I agree with her but seriously, she might want to worry about her own problems. Her problems with Usher are just as bad.

  2. Tameka should already know how this will play out. The person with the most money wins. And that’s Halle in this situation. Gabe fell right into the trap.

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