Rita Ora Beats Rihanna Out of a Movie Role, Rumored Beef Continues

rihanna and rita ora

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rihanna and Rita Ora are both managed by Roc Nation, so it’s no surprise that people have always speculated that there is some kind of rivalry going on between the two. Rihanna is without a doubt one of the biggest pop stars to date, and she has even more success to be thankful about as it is being predicted that her current album Apologetic might end up being her first number one album. Rita Ora is somewhat of the newcomer, as he is still trying to find her place in the crowded world of Pop Music, but many people have quickly labeled her as a Rihanna clone. From their fashion choices, to their somewhat bad girl antics, both have obvious similarities. But Rihanna supporters have always claimed that Rita Ora is not only a clone of the Diamonds singer, but she’s actually trying to take her spot.

Then there’s the gossip that has been floating around for the last year. Some suggest that the two even have some kind of feud and competition going on, and Rita has been accused multiple times of taking songs that were said to have been meant for Rihanna.

Well now the gossip mill is suggesting that Rita is going after Rihanna’s movie roles too.

According to Entertainment Wise, Rita beat Rihanna out of a part to the upcoming film Supercars, another installment to the Fast and Furious franchise:

And it looks like Bajan beauty Rihanna, whose new album Unapologetic has stormed to the number one spot on the UK album chart this week, will be furious when she finds out that singing rival Rita Ora has bagged a film role that she had been earmarked for.

21-year-old ‘Hot Right Now’ hitmaker Rita Ora, who has bagged three consecutive UK number ones in the past year, will be starring in Supercars alongside actors Vin Diesel and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

A source said: “Rihanna impressed movie bosses with her role in Battleship. But schedules didn’t work out and Rita really shone during castings. They loved her look and her attitude.”


Interestingly enough, there are also new reports claiming that Rihanna has become very annoyed with Rita. According to insiders, Rihanna once thought it was cute that she could see herself in Rita, but now she’s over it.

The Sun reports:

RIHANNA is at RITA ORA’s throat for apparently stealing her style.

Which means the Jigga Man has been called for crisis meetings.
He founded record label Roc Nation, who manage Rihanna and signed Rita back in 2009.

A source said: “Rihanna was furious when she spotted Rita Ora’s dress for the VMAs, a rose gown that looked like one she wore in 2010.

“But she was even more annoyed when Rita went on stage using an umbrella as a prop.

“When Rita started her career, Rihanna thought it was cute that she was copying her look.

“But now she’s getting p***ed off, especially as Rita is getting a following by using her old tricks.”


  1. Welp, neither one of them are talented, so I mean, neither can be mad that they both used the same tired gimmicks to stay relevant.

  2. These two are hilarious to me. They try to act like it’s all good in public, but I’ve seen Rihanna shade Rita several times on Instagram. She definitely thinks Rita is nothing but a clone. Truth is, Rita is one of the reasons Rihanna keeps putting out an album every year. Rita can replace Rihanna. I’m sure she’s being groomed now to take her place.

    1. Oh she shades her huh? That’s funny because Rihanna stays smiling in the damn girl’s face and taking pics with her. But hey, Rihanna fakes it all the time and hasn’t had the courage to be nasty in anyone’s face that she shades on Twitter/IG. She’s an internet thug.

      1. LOL @ internet thug! So true though! Look at how she did Karrueche. She’s all talk and nothing but another coward who hides behind the keyboard.

  3. Schedule conflicts?! LOL! Someone is lying. Ain’t no damn schedule conflicts. They didn’t want Rihanna! Period! Rihanna’s brand has taken a major hit with her raunchiness on Twitter and IG. Not to mention she’s not back dating Breezy. She’s going to lose a lot more opportunities the more Chris keeps popping off.

  4. How is Rita a Rihanna clone when she was dressing the way Rihanna dresses before Rihanna did? Rihanna is a certified thief. She gets too much credit for her image which was manufactured and stolen by several different people.

  5. Not a Rihanna fan but I don’t think Rita’s ever going to blow up. So I guess she should get as many small movie roles she can get. The music thing ain’t happening for her.

  6. Rihanna’s the clone though. She copies everybody’s style. And Rita has worn several things last year that RIhanna just rocked like a month ago for the first time. Only Rihanna’s stans think she’s original.

  7. Well if Rita was smart, she’d totally reinvent her style and differentiate herself from Rihanna. Rihanna is not the only successful blueprint to becoming a pop star.

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