Sheree Whitfield Doesn’t Miss RHOA & Dishes on Her Future Plans

sheree whitfield

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Sheree Whitfield’s departure from Real Housewives of Atlanta was met with mixed reactions. Sheree, who had been on the show since the very first season, had become one of NeNe Leakes’ biggest rivals. And it would be the rivalry between the two that would provide most of the drama of Season 4. But in addition to Sheree’s many back and forth moments with NeNe Leakes, her feisty persona also made the show that much entertaining. Sheree had some unforgettable one liners (Who gone check me boo?) and not everyone was happy to see her go. Even though NeNe Leakes shades her and Chateau Sheree every now and then in interviews, it kind of seems like Sheree just dropped off the face of the earth.

But Sheree is still kicking and claims she is still making power moves in her career.

In a recent interview with US Weekly, she dishes on her future plans, on whether or not she misses being on RHOA, as well as if she’s had a chance to watch Season 5.

When asked about whether or not she missing being on RHOA, Sheree says an unsurprisingly no and she reveals what she doesn’t miss:

“I don’t miss the fighting, the long hours…I really don’t miss anything.”

Although there have been reports that suggested that Sheree was fired, including NeNe Leakes taunting her about it on Twitter, Sheree still claims she left the show on her on terms. On why she left the show:

“Shooting a reality show was draining. I needed to take a step back.”

Sheree also says she’s just been too busy to watch Season 5:

“I’ve been so busy, I don’t have a chance.”

And not only does she not have the time to catch the show, but Sheree says she has no desire to ever return. Instead, she says she moving forward with career without RHOA and she has plenty in the works:

“I’m relaunching She by Sheree as a fitness apparel line. And I’m developing a TV show similar to Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane. You will get to go behind the scenes as I launch my line, and peek into my personal life. I’m in talk with networks – everyone wants to see back on TV.”

Sheree may also be adding movies to her resume soon as her former cast member Phaedra Parks hinted that she will be in Scary Movie 5. And as far as her love life is concerned, we did hear from a little birdie that Sheree is dating a gorgeous male model who treats her like a queen. However, the source tells Urban Belle Magazine that she’s trying to keep the relationship under wraps for now.

In the meantime, NeNe Leakes couldn’t be happier that Sheree is gone, especially since she feels she didn’t bring anything to the series anyway. NeNe tells US Weekly:

“Sheree does not do the show any justice.”



  1. I still like Sheree. She was funny to me and I still miss her. I can see why they put Kenya on the show but I can’t say she’s done a great job replacing Sheree. She’s ok.

  2. I couldn’t stand her horse face a–! All she did was lie to make it look like she was living the good life and she still lying! Im glad she gone!

    1. I thought I was the only one felt that way, That Bitc!!!!!!!!!!! did look like a horse, a liar, only thing I liked about her was her clothes that the show provide.

    1. Another thing she was really jealous of NENE she talking about nene teeth at least she got them fix look at her teeth. Sheree remind me of this skin horse face B!!!!!!!!! I know of. Good luck hope she do become what she keep lieing about.

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