Sheree Whitfield Discusses Kenya Moore’s RHOA Exit + Shades Kenya’s Newest Foe

Kenya Moore Sheree Whitfield
Photo Credit: Bravo TV

RHOA may be a sinking ship.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore has been a hot topic in the media for weeks thanks to her messy feud with Brittany Eady. Brittany has been filming her first season of RHOA. Reportedly during the process, Kenya and Brittany began butting heads. At the height of the conflict, Kenya allegedly presented explicit photos of Brittany at her hair salon opening. She also accused Brittany of committing insurance fraud. When Brittany addressed the alleged moment on Instagram Story, she said she had been publicly humiliated. She also reposted the state of Georgia’s revenge **** law. As the reports began to make rounds, Kenya denied breaking the law.

Kenya was eventually placed on suspension. Bravo reportedly investigated to determine if she took things too far with the newbie. While the investigation was underway, gossip about Kenya’s status began spreading thanks to the blogs. Kenya became frustrated by this, and she started to feel like people were coming for her with fake stories.

Regardless, it was ultimately decided that Kenya would not resume filming for Season 16. While some outlets claimed Kenya was fired, others reported that it was Kenya’s choice to exit because she didn’t like how the situation was handled. Some RHOA fans believe this just soured what was meant to be a focus on Porsha Williams and Kenya’s budding friendship.

Brittany Eady and Sheree Whitfield exchange shade.

Sheree Whitfield recently gave her thoughts on Kenya’s departure during an interview with TMZ while exiting the grocery store. As we reported, Sheree was not invited back for Season 16.

She said, “I hate to see my girl Kenya go out like that. As an OG, it’s kind of hard to sit back and watch the show slowly sink the way it is. So I’m not happy. I don’t like it.”

When asked if she would return to RHOA, Sheree said an OG is needed.

“As an OG, I always feel like an OG’s presence is welcomed or needed on the series no matter what capacity. So I never say never. If the coin is right, I just might.”

After the interview went viral, Brittany threw shade on Instagram. She wrote, “TMZ In Atlanta…interesting 😂.”

Sheree clapped back, “Alleged scammers on housewives… interesting 😂.”

Check out the screenshots here.


  1. Sheree let Kenya rock on with her misery. I am happy she’s gone and I appreciate her “for her services”

  2. Kenya is arrogant just like you leaks. Bravo created another monster. Kenya has an over inflated ego because of those Bravo checks! She will be asking for her job back once reality sinks in. We all experience this

  3. Sheree will do anything to start some sh-t in hopes that it peaks the producers interest to perhaps a storyline…so she’s gonna jab at Brittany! She needs to put that must interest in getting She by Sheree’ off the ground with her desperate a-s!!

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