Nicki Minaj Goes on Rant About American Idol & Calls Steven Tyler Racist

By: Taren Vaughan

Nicki Minaj calling Steven Tyler a racist on Twitter? Nicki Minaj holds no punches when it comes to her true feelings about things. And she rarely lets stuff slide when it comes to people’s remarks that they make towards or about her. The Head Barb is not known for biting her tongue when it comes to other artists in the industry and has been very vocal when it comes to her beef with fellow ‘American Idol’ judge Mariah Carey, which has been questioned several times for its realness. Regardless, the topic has continued to be brought up by into conversation, Nicki even letting the beef with Mariah carry over into her new music. Other celebrities even got involved in what was going on between the two, some taking sides in the feud. As Nicki Minaj has had her share of harsh words for both Mariah, and Barbara Walters too over the interview that she did with Mariah, Former ‘Idol’ judge Steven Tyler is now the latest celebrity to tick Nicki off. Talking with MTV News, Tyler was asked how he felt about the new ‘American Idol’ judges and how they judged the talent that they saw. And in his response, he made a comment in reference to Nicki Minaj and how he thought she would react to having a contestant like Bob Dylan perform for her during an audition.

And he said:

“If it was Bob Dylan, Nicki Minaj would have had him sent to the cornfield.”

Nicki wasn’t too happy with what Steven Tyler had to say about her and felt as though his comments were pretty racist (read from the bottom up):

nicki minaj steven tyler beef

Peep the clip of Steven Tyler’s comments that set Nicki off:

Was Steven Tyler out of line with his comments? Or did Nicki read too much into it?

Speak on it.


  1. I guess Nicki isn’t intelligent enough to grasp what he was trying to say. He’s not saying she wouldn’t have liked Bob Dylan because she’s black. He’s saying she wouldn’t have liked him because she doesn’t know what real music is. Hell, look at the crappy stuff she puts out and her entire image. It’s a joke and no one expects her to know real music when she sees it. Not even Steven Tyler.

  2. She has some nerve calling Steven Tyler a racist when she’s racist to her own people! She did call black women nappy headed ho-s on her own song!!!!! Then she ate fried chicken on stage!!!! Shut up and go away you coon!!!! You’ve disrespected your own people SEVERAL TIMES.

    1. COSIGN! That’s why I can’t understand how black women stan so hard for her. She clowns us on a consistent basis. She doesn’t even want to look like a black woman. Now she wants to pull the race card? No ma’am.

  3. Damn Nicki is falling off. Hard! She’s had a bad few weeks and now her album sales are terrible. My how the mighty have fallen!

  4. We need to put Barbee on suicide watch because it’s not a good look when even Nicki’s biggest fan is struggling to defend her. Somebody’s 15 mins are ending. Can’t say I’m shocked either. That’s why it pays to be YOURSELF and have some real TALENT. Nicki struggles in both of those areas.

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