Wendy Williams Shades Nicki Minaj for Calling Steven Tyler a Racist

wendy williams

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Nicki Minaj is having yet another controversy surrounding her new stint as a judge on American Idol. When news first broke that the rapper would officially be joining the panel, rumors suggested that Mariah Carey wasn’t so thrilled to have the Young Money starlet assist her in judging the next generation of talent. Eventually the rumors were confirmed, as video was released showing the two argue, with Nicki resorting to a profanity laced rant. Although insiders close to the show eventually tipped off the media that the whole beef was nothing more than a publicity stunt to save declining ratings, the beef intensified when Mariah Carey told Barbara Walters in an interview that Nicki had threatened to shoot her. This of course was followed by an epic rant from Nicki on her Twitter account. Even Mariah’s husband Nick Cannon got involved in the drama and shaded Nicki several times, and even refused to play her music during one of his disk jockey gigs.

Although the beef between Nicki and Mariah seems to have cooled off a little (Nicki told MTV recently that they were getting along “fine”), it appears that she’s now opted to set her American Idol beefing with someone else. She recently let Steven Tyler have it on Twitter after he made some not so positive remarks about her as a judge. After suggesting that Nicki would not be interested in music artist Bob Dylan and she would most likely have “sent him to the cornfield,” Minaj accused the rock star of being a racist for assuming that she wouldn’t be interested in an artist because she’s black.

Some people think Nicki took things too far this time and they even suggest that the rapper is unfairly playing the race card for attention. And one of those people happens to be Queen of Talk Wendy Williams.

The other day, during her usual “Hot Topics” segment, Wendy made it clear that she does not agree that Steve Tyler was being racist to Nicki Minaj. In the midst of stating her opinion, she also mentioned Nicki’s recent low record sales. Ouch.

She says:

“The race card is so easy to pull Nicki. It was not necessary there. He wasn’t saying anything racist. He was making a comment. Your album didn’t do so well either, but I know your fragrance is going to tear it up for the Holidays. Both of you, everybody, relax and we’ll be the judge of the judges.”


We just love how Wendy shades and gives compliments at the same time.

In related news, Wendy Williams is having her own drama regarding her shoe line Adorn. According to reports, Wendy Williams’ failure to pay $400,000 has resulted in the kidnapping of one of the managers of the holding company that creates the line in China. Apparently, the owner of the factory that is produces the shoes is responsible. Wendy’s shoe debt exceeds $419,000.


  1. LOL at Wendy. She knows how to shade now but she can’t be as obvious now since she wants people to come on her show.

  2. Wendy’s Cokehead butt needs to have a seat trying to use Nicki’s name to get people to watch your lame show.

    And no one is buying your shoes either.

  3. It wasn’t racist. Nicki was reaching and she’s acting like a brat because her album sales are low. But I’ma need Wendy to pay her shoe debt before someone takes those people out in China. They don’t play there. LOL.

  4. Nicki’s just salty. She shouldn’t have released a re-release. Don’t be mad at Steven because you album ain’t selling. But I didn’t even know Wendy had a shoe line. Where was I? lol

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