Tiny Talks Keeping Her Relationship With TI Fresh, Dealing With Groupies, & Hating Her Accent

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tiny and TI have been together for years and they have managed to keep their relationship solid despite TI’s success in the music industry. So even though TI wasn’t originally too happy with Tiny doing a reality show with Toya Wright on BET, it just made sense to the couple to get their own show eventually, and show people a glimpse into their relationship and family life. Both TI and Tiny felt that they were somewhat misunderstood as a couple, especially since neither are strangers to legal issues. But from a image perspective, it’s obvious that their reality show Family Hustle helped them display the many sides of their marriage and family life that many people never get to see. And Tiny credits the show for making her relationship with T.I. and the couple’s family life a lot more understood by those who watch the show.

In a recent interview with Juicy Magazine, Tiny opens up about her marriage to TI, her upcoming talk show, and even that signature country accent of hers. She even reveals how tough Twitter can be for a celebrity, and why she wasn’t afraid to put all of her life in front of the cameras.

Recently, it was confirmed by VH1 that Tiny would be getting her own reality show. Tiny Tonight has already been labeled as the “urban” The View and Tiny has even been rumored to have asked her close friend fellow reality star Tamar Braxton to join her panel. Tiny explains how long she’s been working on the show, and what people can expect:

“It’s something that I’ve wanted to do for five years. The first person I talked to about this was Tamar Braxton, she is one of my oldest friends. We’d been talking about doing a show called Girl Talk. I want her for my cast, but she’s on [WEtv] and I’m on another network, so there are some bumps, but hopefully we can work everything out…and have Shekinah come in for her own segments.”

On the show’s topics:

“Politics. The daily news. And what’s going on in the world. We want to have fun with it…I want to do spoofs, maybe from reality TV, or something from the news.”

Tiny also revealed that although her accent was not a problem for her new show, it’s one of the things she wishes she could change about herself:

“…I wish I could change my accent. I hate the way it sounds. TLC were from Atlanta too, and I would ask them, “Why don’t you sound like me?” Left Eye was like. “I guess my accent is changing because I travel so much.” [I traveled with Xscape] and for years I waited for it to happen to me.”

Although Tiny is married to TI and has been with him for over a decade, she knows that there’s a lot criticism floating around about her relationship. But Tiny says they knew they could handle a reality show since they’ve been able to handle the public’s brutal scrutiny of their relationship:

“I was worried about the stigma associated with reality shows. You do a reality show and the couple breaks up. Before I did Tiny & Toya, me and Tip had conversations about it…But [we realized that] we were strong enough to get through whatever. We’ve been through all kinds of scrutiny like, “Why are they together?” “Why does he want her?” If we can [survive] all that and not give a damn what anyone thinks, then we can show them that we’re normal too.”

And although Tiny can handle the criticism regarding her relationship, what she can’t take is when people talk negative about her kids:

“Before The Family Hustle they attacked them…But after people see the show it’s like, “ I love those kids. They’re so cute.” There’s no more. “Oh, look at this kid, he’s ugly. He looks like his mama.” I don’t play about that, even if it’s on Twitter. It’s hard to think , Okay, let me let that go. People tell me to stay off Twitter. I’m like, “After I let them know THIS. I don’t give a sh*t what they think or how they feel because you attacked me first. They can attack me. But my kids? That’s a totally different story.”

Tiny also reveals that contrary to reports, The Family Hustle is not over. She says the reality show could possible be back for a third season, despite the fact that Tip isn’t that much into it. Even though the show did help them show people that they were normal people and had a normal relationship, she admits that she still has to work on keeping her relationship with TI fresh:

“We’ve been together 11 years and married for two. There’s a lot of love in the air. I’m very touchy, nurturing. When I’m around him, I’m flirting and talking sh*t and he likes it even if he’s being all manly. I let him know I’m into him all the time and he does the same.

“Tip wanting me there all the time lets me know how he feels. In some relationships, men are like. “Oh you’re going to California for a week? Great! See you later.” Not my man. I appreciate that…What if he didn’t care? I’d never appreciate a see-ya-when-I-see-ya attitude now that I’ve had this.”

And with any famous rapper, Tiny understands that there will be groupies. She explains how she handles them. Her answer, she lets Tip handle it:

“I don’t really worry because I know he’s crazy about me and I’m crazy about him…We are where we say we are and we don’t have those problems. I really don’t trip. I’m not jealous in that way. I know to expect it and I see how he handles it. Tip never lets anyone get out of line or be disrespectful. He checks it off top.”

In related news, Tiny’s new talk show Tiny Tonight has been confirmed to premiere Monday, Dec. 17 on VH1.


  1. I really love them together. I think I was one of those people that needed to see them on the show before I realized they weren’t as dysfunctional as everyone was making them out to be.

    1. Agreed. The show is cute and they seem to work well together. I wish them the best of luck with how crazy fame is nowadays though. When she said that part about Twitter, all I could do was shake my head. This is a hard time to be famous. People are ruthless and they have too many ways to get to you now.

  2. “I really don’t trip. I’m not jealous in that way. I know to expect it and I see how he handles it. Tip never lets anyone get out of line or be disrespectful. He checks it off top.” >>>> Whoa! Does that mean he can do other chicks on the side as long as he is “respectful” about it? I couldn’t do it.

    1. I think that’s what she meant, but if it is how they get down, they aren’t alone. Most rappers sleep around and they have wives/gf’s etc. who stay anyway. They feel like it’s a part of the luxuries of the business they are in. So maybe she’s just saying she knows it won’t be anything more than something meaningless. But I’m with you, it couldn’t be me.

  3. They have some cute kids. But I don’t think I can stomach Tiny’s accent enough to watch her talk show. That accent is thick.

  4. I doubt Tip is faithful. So yeah, I think she’s saying she allows him to do his thing as long as he isn’t out of hand with it. I would never…

  5. Yall talking about Tip cheating on Tiny but all men cheat, so what’s the problem with them having an open marriage? Most of yall have open relationships/marriages and don’t even know it.

    1. Not true. I hate it when yall come on here and talk about how all men cheat. It’s tired, and very old. Please contribute something valuable to the conversation.

    2. I still think that’s what she was saying, it just sounds like she was trying to say they have an open marriage. I don’t think all men cheat but i think rappers are more inclined to do it.

  6. You can’t take gossip as fact but I did hear that they have an open marriage and she’s not hands off about the girls he messes with either…if you get what I’m saying. But that’s just what I heard.

      1. I don’t think he cheats. She’s also with him all the time. I think they are really happy and exclusive to each other.

  7. Groupie is a person who admire a celebrity and follow them and their crew around but, I don’t think tiny is talking about sex.some women will be all over a man (flirting) knowing that he have a wife (sometimes when the wife is right there), i think she’s saying when that happens, T.I. Checks it because it’s disrepectful.

  8. I really love them together. It’s nice to see a younger current couple getting successful but being real at the same time. For someone to be talking about their kids is crazy. Some people are just that miserable.

  9. I dont think all men cheat however i do think most women are in open relationships and just turn a blind eye to it!

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