King Harris Denies Trying to Be ‘Gangsta’ After Arrest + TI Says He Can’t Help Him

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

King Harris clapped back at his critics.

Friends And Family Hustle” may be over, but that doesn’t mean all the cast members have been drama-free since the show was pulled off VH1 due to controversial accusations. Tiny Harris and TI’s son King Harris has been a hot topic in the headlines lately. He took to Instagram to reveal that he was arrested recently for a traffic violation. And the 18-year-old isn’t feeling the criticism he’s receiving on social media as a result. Some people are questioning why King behaves the way he does when he grew up so privileged. In fact, they have accused King of trying to act “gangsta.” Well, King doesn’t agree with this at all. He believes that anyone can be pulled over by the police.

During an Instagram Live session, King said, “And I don’t understand how y’all think a ************ think it’s gangsta to get caught while driving or whatever. Y’all ****** get the **** off my ****.”

He added, “Everybody that saying a ***** tryna be gangsta, ***** I ain’t for the police to pull me over y’all ***** *** ******. ****?”

King just feels like police run-ins are a part of life, “It’s a part of life, gangsta or not, black or white or not, it don’t matter…”

TI also had some things to say about the situation. And he wanted people to understand that he has tried to talk to King. But it’s at the point that there is nothing TI can do.

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  1. 54321 handcuffs for this lil big mouth ugly critter always calling somebody
    ugly and poor. Your parents have money but they still took you arse to

  2. Yes TI and Tiny as parents it’s hard to see your children going against everything you enforced in them as this point you place them in GODS hands they are his children as well. Keep your faith and keep praying over your children!

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