Eve Answers Rumors That Claim She Doesn’t Like Black Men & Talks Interracial Relationships

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rapper Eve is making her official return to the Hip Hop scene as she is set to drop her next studio album in April 2013. However, her ex boyfriend Stevie J.’s rise to fame is becoming a hot topic for the rapper in her interviews as of late.  The producer became a break out star when he joined the cast of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, as he decided to bring his dysfunctional relationship with baby mama Mimi Faust and his artist Joseline Hernandez, to the small screen. Ever since then, Eve’s past with Stevie J. has been brought back to the forefront, as many are curious to learn of how Eve truly feels about her ex now. But Eve has made it clear that her current relationship with Maximillion Cooper is such a good one that she has no desire to revisit the past. Regardless, Eve’s current beau is a white millionaire and has many people speculating that Stevie J. has managed to run Eve away from black men all together.

In a recent interview with Angie Martinez, Eve responded to the rumors that allege that the rapper is not into black men romantically anymore, as well as whether or not she regrets her past with Stevie J.

When it comes to interracial relationships, Eve says she’s happy in her current relationship, but that doesn’t mean she’s given up on black men:

“For me, it’s weird that I’m with a white dude. I look at him sometimes, and I’m like ‘You are so white.’ I’m the first black girl he’s ever been with. We learn a lot about each other.

“People came at me like ‘I can’t believe you date a white dude and you don’t like black dudes.’ I love black men. It just so happens that my heart went this way for right now. Who knows? I’m happy.”


Of course, Angie also asked Eve about Stevie J. Eve views the relationship as a lack of good judgment:

“What can I say…I was young and dumb.”


Many people were shocked by the ratchet dynamics of Stevie J. on the show, but when Angie asks Eve if she’s surprised about what she’s heard about his behavior on the show (Eve has never watched LHHATL), she says she isn’t:

“No. That’s the bad thing. I’m not. I wish I could be like that don’t even seem like him or maybe it’s the cameras. But I’m not surprised. That’s what makes it bad.”


It’s also been speculated that there may be some kind of beef between Eve and Nicki Minaj. Eve claims she knows nothing of a beef. She says:

“I don’t know anything about that. What have I said? There is no state of women in Hip Hop. I think Nicki is doing her thing, you can’t be mad at her, a lot of people want to be but you can’t be.”


She chimed in on the current state of women in Hip Hop. While she did have praise for Azealia Banks, she says Hip Hip needs more female emcees:

“I think Azealia Banks is doing her thing and there’s a lot of dope chicks that are bubbling. It’s a quiet bubble, I don’t know why they can’t surface to the top. I really don’t understand why. I think we need to come back. We need ladies. It’s too much testosterone, I can’t take it.

“I think there’s a voice that’s messing for a certain type of female and I don’t think she’s being spoken for.”


Peep the interview here:


Eve’s new album is set to drop April 2013, and you can check out her current single “She Bad Bad” below:



  1. Wow, so because she’s dating a white guy she doesn’t like black men anymore? People can be so simple sometimes.

  2. If Nicki’s name has to come up every single time people talk to other female rappers, she must be doing something right. 😉

  3. This track isn’t her best but lyrically, Eve just slayed any record Nicki has ever put out. Let’s be real here folks.

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