Eve Has Some Words for Kanye West & Tells Fans to Listen to J. Cole

Eve Kanye West
Photo Credit: The Talk/Youtube

By: A.J. Niles

Kanye West’s latest rant to TMZ still has social media ablaze with opinions.

As more people crawl out from hiding to defend what Kanye West “tried” to say, there are quite a few left that are no longer here for Kanye or the antics.

In fact, Eve from “The Talk” says “she’s done with Kanye,” and encourages his fans to check out other artists instead.

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  1. I really don’t care about what Kanye says and does. He’s a black man who wishes he was a white man. He’s not of my concern.

  2. Girl Nas is ignorant too. He was out here ready to give the fade to anyone who had a problem with Gwyneth Paltrow using the N word, plus he’s abusive.

  3. I think the Kanye situation just shows that too many of us place too much importance on rappers. They are not role models. And not everyone who seems deep can be labeled as intelligent.

  4. Kanye is sitting back and loving all of this. All he ever wants is to keep people talking. He’s fits right in with the Kardashians. I knew he would pull something after Kendrick, Bey and Cole were all in the headlines simultaneously.

  5. People are doing way too much. Kanye doesn’t even write his own lyrics. How can people feel betrayed by a man who has multiple writers? This is the real him. Get over it.

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