Nicki Minaj’s American Idol Promo Video Released

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Nicki Minaj has had a rather dramatic couple of months since it was confirmed that the Young Money female rapper would be joining the judging panel of American Idol. Minaj joins legendary song bird Mariah Carey as a newbie judge, and things have been popping off between the two ever since. While it was speculated that the beef between Mariah and Nicki was nothing more than a publicity stunt, things got real when Mariah Carey told Barbara Walters in an interview that Nicki threatened to shoot her, so she was forced to beef up her security. Nicki Minaj was not amused and took to her Twitter account to slam both Mariah and Barbara. She alluded that she was being ganged up on unfairly, and that the threat accusations were only taken seriously by Barbara and the media because she is a black woman who raps for a living. Although Mariah and Nicki are said to be able to tolerate each other a lot more these days, Nicki just made headlines recently for a new American Idol beef. This time she took on former judge Steven Tyler, after the rock star alluded to Nicki not being interested in Bob Dylan’s music, and claiming she would write him off if he came through and auditioned. Nicki again felt attacked, and took to her Twitter account to accuse Tyler of being a racist, who was just bitter that he was fired from the show.

Despite all the drama surrounding the new panel of judges, American Idol is back in promotional mode, and they have just released Nicki Minaj’s American Idol promo video.

In the small snippet, Minaj explains why American Idol is the best when it comes to finding new talent.

She says:

“No one’s ever going to touch American Idol. I mean, they’ll never come close. You’re finding someone right before they become a superstar and hopefully you’re going to mold that journey and help them become a better artist. It gives people who wouldn’t normally have a chance a dream.”


Peep the video below:


In related news, Steven Tyler did respond to Nicki Minaj’s outburst. The rock star apologized, but also claims he is not a racist. During a recent interview on Canadian talk show eTalk, he says:

“I apologize if it was taken wrong, Nicki. But I am the farthest from [being a racist]. I am the last thing on this planet as far as being a racist. I don’t know where she got that out of me saying I’m not sure how she would’ve judged Bob Dylan. Maybe I spoke out of turn… But a racist I’m not, Nicki.”


  1. I’ve been reading the comment sections on some of the predominately white blogs and they are furious that Nicki played the race card. If she doesn’t watch it, not only will she have a flop album, but she’s going lose a lot of her Caucasian fan base. The race card was so unnecessary here.

  2. I’m kind of ready to see her do her thing on there. The beef with Mariah and Steven was pretty lame, but I am curious to see what kind of judge she’s going to be.

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