Reggie Bush Makes it Clear That He Doesn’t Miss Kim Kardashian

By: Taren Vaughan

Reggie Bush got some exciting news off the football field not too long ago as he revealed that he was on his way to becoming a first time father. And to add to the good news of him becoming a daddy, Reggie is also on the verge of being married too here soon as he is now engaged to his girlfriend Lilit Avagyan. As many are happy to hear about Reggie’s engagement and baby, Kim Kardashian was said to anything but as she is currently in the middle of a long, drawn out divorce with NBA baller Kris Humphries. As far as Reggie is concerned though, he seems to be very excited about his future with Lilit. And in an interview that he did with Life & Style, he spoke about his fiance’ and the upcoming wedding that they will be having. Reggie was asked about whether or not he and Lilit would have the ceremony put on television for the world to see. And he responded by saying that he and Lilit will exchange their vows in front of close family and friends only:

“No, I’d never put my wedding on TV.”

And unlike his ex-girlfriend who has made a career about of being on reality TV, Reggie says that he is not up for putting his family and their personal business out there like that. He responded plain and simple:

“No way!”


While Reggie dated Kim, rumors of the two getting engaged floated about pretty frequently. And from the looks of things, him and Kim were looking to get serious with each other at one point. But according to Reggie, he says that he didn’t feel like he was truly ready to settle down until Lilit came along:

“When I met [Lilit], that’s when I knew [it was time to settle down].”


And he talked about how thrilled he is about Lilit giving birth to their baby:

“I just can’t wait till my little one gets here. The whole process, I’m looking forward to it all.”


Reggie Bush appears to really loving life right now as he is on his way to welcoming his first born into the world and becoming a married man.


In related news, it appears that the Kardashians aren’t too thrilled about Reggie Bush these days. According to Page Six, when Kardashian sister Kourtney went to her favorite Miami restaurant and noticed that the staff was getting ready to sit her close to Reggie Bush and his girlfriend (who were said to be there dining at the moment), she snuffed:

“I am not sitting near him.”



  1. LOL go head Reggie. He does seem happier and more mature these days, but a baby on the way is supposed to do that. Kim isn’t the right female for men who want authentic, wholesome lives. But she’s perfect for Kanye’s cooning attention seeking a–.

    1. Yeah her and Kanye are perfect together. When it first happened I thought he was too good for her, but now I see that he’s just as trashy as she is. Match made in heaven.

  2. I’m kind of confused as to how Kourtney can turn her nose up at anyone who actually has talent and has money because of that actual talent. Ugh. Can’t stand that whole family.

      1. LMAO!!!! The Kardashians have a lot of money now, so they keep forgetting they don’t have any talent or real value to society.

  3. I’m glad he’s happy. Everyone has an ex they wish they could forget. Kim seems to be that ex for a lot of people. LOL.

  4. Not hating!!!

    Kim K is for men who just want to have fun basically she is arm candy. She does not strike me as the type who wants to settle down i think she wants to enjoy her youth. Nothing wrong with that we where not put on this earth to be nuns people!

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