Wendy Williams Says Cheating Reggie Bush is Better Than Mentally Unstable Kanye West

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you recently that Reggie Bush has been accused of breaking up a marriage and getting another woman pregnant but Wendy Williams still thinks Kim would have been better off marrying her athlete ex.

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  1. How about neither one of them for five Wendy, How about a man who is faithful instead? I guess since SHE is use to a man cheating on her its cool to give that bullsh-t advice as long as he not mental huh stfu! Smdh.. I cant stand her tr-nny looking a-s!

  2. Kim wouldn’t have won marrying Reggie and she’s not winning now with Kanye. Neither one of them are good choices for marriage.

  3. Wendy is such a troll. Now she knows damn well ain’t no winner in no Reggie vs. Kanye debate. They are both trash for different reasons. Kim’s stans only think she won because they have low standards in life just like she does.

  4. I disagree. As I have said on here before, Kim did win by marrying Kanye. Yes, Kanye is a handful but he respects Kim enough to be faithful and he’s not out here cheating and impregnating other women. He loves his wife and family and she can trust him. The death of his mother did a number on him, but with strong support, he can get better. Shame on Wendy for being so ignorant about mental illness.

    1. I agree to the extent that mental illness is manageable. Cheating g is mental and emotional abuse so I wouldn’t want Reggie a-s.

  5. I’m sure Wendy’s dumba-s would believe this sh-t. She has no idea what it’s even like to be in a decent relationship, let alone a decent marriage. Is her husband still out here f-cking crossdressers in his spare time?

  6. I honestly think Kanye saved Kim’s career and that’s all she cares about. Reggie would have never helped her achieve her life dream which was being on the cover of Vogue. Now if Reggie could have done that, Kim would have tolerate his cheating. LOL.

  7. I don’t care for Kim but I think she is better off with Kanye. Cheating is very hurtful and Reggie could easily bring diseases to his wife as well. If I had to pick, Kanye it is.

    1. Yeah it’s sad Wendy didn’t even consider the STD possibilities. But what can one really expect from a buffoon?

  8. Kanye have is issues from is mom death that was before Kim. Kim choose right. She divorce that basketball player he was very abusive verbally
    and reviews would have cheated on her also.
    Kim love Kanye , but Kanye love Kim Moreland this is why Kim choose right.

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