Evelyn Lozada Says Her Marriage to Chad Johnson Wasn’t a Publicity Stunt

By: Taren Vaughan

Was Evelyn Lozada and Chad Johnson‘s marriage just a publicity stunt? Evelyn Lozada and Chad Johnson exchanged vows this past summer and appeared to be very happy in their union. Then things changed for the worse after Chad was arrested for head butting Evelyn during an argument that started over a condom receipt. The domestic dispute caused Evelyn and Chad’s reality TV show to get the boot, and Chad losing endorsement deals and having difficulty finding jobs. Post-incident, Evelyn moved quickly, filing for a divorce from Chad Johnson not long after the domestic dispute took place. Although Evelyn is not looking to reconcile with Chad, she and him continue to get extra flirty with each other on social platforms for everyone to see, fueling rumors that the two are not yet done with each other. As Evelyn may not want to get back with Chad, she surely isn’t opposed to dragging his groupies on Twitter for coming at her the wrong way. As for their nuptials, Evelyn Lozada and Chad Johnson were only married to each other for a short period of time. And it led people to question the motive behind them getting hitched, some people thinking that their marriage was nothing but a publicity stunt gone bad. Evelyn assures though, that her and Chad’s marriage was not just for show and that the only thing fake about her personal life are her breasts:



Do you think Evelyn Lozada and Chad Johnson’s marriage was strictly for show?


  1. Now that everything has happened, I can say that I don’t think it was fake at all. Even after the divorce, it’s obvious that they both still care about each other. I just think Chad wasn’t marriage material.

  2. I think the marriage was for business reasons but they did care about each other. They should have never gotten married though.

    1. I agree. Chad never planned on being faithful to her but she couldn’t handle the humiliation of being headbutted.

  3. Eh, I think it was to get a reality show. They were really together but I do think the marriage was a way to get some more things popping off with VH1.

  4. LOL whatever Evelyn. All Evelyn’s motives regarding men have been about money or an come up. Yes, this was a stunt and it backfired like hell.

  5. I never took them seriously and I still don’t. They wanted their own show and would have gotten it if Chad hadn’t headbutted her.

  6. I think they liked each other but didnt love each other and surely didn’t want too marry each other. I think they saw an oppurtunity for more cash and fame and they went with it. You can tell with the body language that they wasn’t in love she would always pull away when he wanted to kiss she never volunteered any affection. But I do believe Evelyn wanted to get married to whoever was willing. I think they flirt back in fourth on twiiter because Evelyn don’t have anyone else who have enough money checking for her right now.

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