Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry’s New Custody Deal Revealed

By: Taren Vaughan

Halle Berry and her fiancé Oliver Martinez set to pay all of Gabriel Aubry‘s legal and hospital bills? The aftermath of the Thanksgiving Day brawl that went down at Halle Berry’s home is seeming to simmer down more now as all the involved parties are coming to some agreements. The fight resulted in a badly bruised Gabriel Aubry, who had to take a trip to the hospital, and her fiancé Oliver Martinez being hit with a restraining order, that was later dropped by Aubry. The brawl also caused the child custody battle that Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry were engaging in to become intense again. However, it was reported that the two parents finally came to an agreement recently though over their daughter. The former couple made peace as far as their custody battle is concerned. And now it’s being said that Halle is trying to do the same when it comes to the brawl itself, her and her fiancé Oliver supposedly set to come out of their pockets and pay all of Gabriel Aubry’s legal fees and medical bills that he faced as a result of the fight.

Here’s the report:

“The settlement that was reached between Halle and Gabe in the aftermath of his arrest for allegedly getting into a fight with Olivier Martinez, includes an agreement that the couple will pay for the Canadian model’s legal and medical bills.

“Without admitting ANY guilt, Olivier agreed to pay for Gabe’s medical bills because he suffered the brunt of the injuries from the fight.”

And Halle will pick up any financial charges that he got from requesting a restraining order from Gabriel though.

The source added: “Olivier is a former boxer, and his dad is a retired professional fighter. Gabe won’t be responsible for legal bills he incurred for obtaining a temporary restraining order against Olivier, those will be covered by Halle.

“The settlement discussions between Halle’s lawyer, Blair Berk, and Gabe’s attorney, Shawn Holley, were extremely professional. Both Halle and Gabe didn’t want this drama to continue to play out, and wanted a quick resolution for the sake of their daughter, Nahla.”


It’s also been reported that Oliver Martinez is no longer allowed to be anywhere around Nahla when it’s time for Gabriel to pick up Nahla or drop her back off:


Sources say: “Olivier will NOT be present in the future during the times that Nahla is dropped off and picked up between Gabriel and Halle. This was very important to Gabe going forward because he feared for his safety.

“Gabe was supposed to have Nahla on Thanksgiving, according to their custody agreement, but Halle asked if she could have the little girl that day and Gabe said yes. He had no obligation to do so, but he had been acting in good faith and knew it meant a lot to Halle, so he did it. Gabe was absolutely blindsided by Olivier and his rage.”


  1. Good for Gabriel. I knew they would have to back down once he told the courts Oliver threatened to kill him.

  2. Happy for Gabriel and Nahla! And this is good for Halle too. Now they can all move forward and end the media frenzy surrounding this situation.

      1. Please calm down. Seriously, lol. Neither Halle or Gabriel are perfect. They both made mistakes and have been spiteful to each other. If you have been following their break up, you would know that. I’m a mature person and I’m going to call it how it is…like I said, it’s good for BOTH parents because in the end, it’s what Nahla wants. Both of them are good parents, but have a lot of anger for one another. It’s no deeper than that.

        1. Thank you! People are so blinded by their hate for Halle Berry that they can’t even see it for what it is. How sad.

  3. Halle needs to be watching her back. Oliver has just shown her that he’s crazy and has a terrible temper. If I were her, I’d get out now. But we know she won’t. Smh.

  4. LOL Halle and Oliver got owned. That’s exactly what needed to happen. You should never try to take a kid’s father from them.

  5. This is good news but I’m sure this happened because Halle needed to protect what’s left of her career. This whole situation was making her look bad and very selfish.

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