Beyonce & Jay-Z Are Back Together in the Studio

beyonce and jay z

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Beyonce is all set to make her big return to music after giving birth to her first child Blue Ivy. The singer’s last album 4 may have went platinum despite a more passive marketing approach, but that doesn’t mean Beyonce has lost the passion to record new music. Just recently, it was announced in several reports that the singer has plans to bring in hot R&B singer Miguel, Kanye West, and big time producer Hit-Boy for her upcoming album. But in addition to those three industry heavyweights, it was also speculated that Jay-Z would also be making an appearance on his wife’s upcoming album. Jay-Z did not record any tracks with Beyonce on her last album, so another collaboration between the power couple is certainly warranted.

And it appears that Beyonce and Jay-Z are wasting no time in collaborating again. A music industry insider tweeted a picture of Beyonce and Jay-Z during one of their latest sessions in the studio the other day:

beyonce and jay z in the studio together

While we’re still not sure which direction Beyonce’s fifth studio album will take, just judging by who is set to work on the album, it sounds like Beyonce’s fans won’t be disappointed. In addition to the new album, the R&B superstar is also set to direct her own documentary on HBO.


  1. Yes!!! Now THIS is a power couple. This is who Rihanna and Chris Brown need to learn from. Handle your business and make your money with a little bit of CLASS. They’re even cool with the President of the United States. I doubt he’d kick it with Breezy and Rih though. Being ratchet might be cute on Twitter/Instagram, but it’s not a good look outside of that. Just sayin. But I love these two!!!!

    1. So true. Used to love me some Rih and Chris, but I honestly don’t like them together. They bring out the worse in each other and it’s so hard to watch how stupid they look right now. But Jay and Bey are older and more mature, so maybe those two can get this ish together and get on their level at some point.

    2. Rihanna will NEVER be Beyonce, nor will she and Chris ever be a power couple. When’s the last time Bey ranted on Twitter or took pictures of herself naked or in lingerie and posted that crap on IG? Please. And Chris beating Rihanna’s face in has ruined the possibility of anyone respecting them. They can do whatever they want on Instagram, they won’t change the public’s perception, especially when Breezy is still cussing people out on Twitter. I bet he won’t get back on there now because he’s not man enough to handle his mentions. LOL.

      1. Oh please. Rih and Chris are just more REAL than Bey and Jay’s fake a–ses. All they do is kiss a–. Rih and Chris are too real for that.

        1. There’s nothing real about Rihanna. She’s a fake bird who steals everything about her image from other people. Even the way she dresses was taken from other artists. She’s not even the bada– you think she is. It’s a fake trashy image she created to quickly get a fan base. And it worked. What real woman goes back to the man who messed up her face? LOL. Please. She’s not real and Chris isn’t either. They are immature rich kids who will fizzle out in due time. Beyonce and Jay have been around for YEARS. Rihanna comes out with a CD every year because she knows she can’t take a break or her career would be gone. When you can’t take a break, that means you’re replaceable. LOL.

          1. Your actually blaming Rih for copying and stealing? Really? So what…Bey has earned her right to do that over the years or something? Oh I’m sorry, when she does it considered her being “inspired.” My bad.

          2. Well maybe Rih was “inspired” by other artists. There’s nothing wrong with that right?

  2. She better come with it. Too much competition to put out a so so album. Oh wait, that’s what Rihanna did. #shrugs

  3. They are my favorite celeb couple. I love how they work together and I don’t hear any dumb sh-t about them on the blogs everyday. I appreciate that they keep their business to themselves and don’t have to put all of it on Instagram every damn day.

  4. Get em Bey. Off topic, I’m sorry, I’m a little too old to think Rih and Chris are cute. They are a train wreck waiting to happen. I like Bey and Jay because they keep their business off of these gossip blogs and they don’t act like children on IG and Twitter. I mean, we will never see them taking pictures of themselves smoking blunts or after they had sex. Chris and Rih do, and i can’t really get with that. It’s childish to me. You’re supposed to keep your relationship business to yourself. This right here is a grown up relationship.

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