Is Kim Zolciak Facing Jail Time for Failure to Pay Her Taxes?

kim zolciak

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kim Zolciak may still be celebrating her official departure from Real Housewives of Atlanta and new spin off that’s in the works, but the reality star is still having her fair share of drama that isn’t involving NeNe Leakes, her ultimate nemesis. As we recently reported, it’s been alleged that there is a growing wedge between her and her mother, and the wedge has gotten so big that sources claim that Kim is refusing to allow her own parents to see her children. And if that’s not enough, it also appears that Kim is still having issues finding another home. As it was revealed in Season 5 of RHOA, Kim and her husband Kroy Biermann were asked to leave their current house due to some conflicts with the landlord. And according to People Magazine, the couple still has not found a new home, despite looking at over 1000 homes online because Kim says she’s being “very fussy. That’s an unfortunate situation for the couple, as they are currently coughing up $11,000 a month in storage fees.

But now the former housewife could be facing even more problems. According to the latest gossip, Zolciak is said to be in deep with the IRS. A source tells Celeb Dirty Laundry that she is in some serious trouble for not paying any taxes on the lavish and huge chunks of cash her former lover “Big Poppa” gave her while they had an affair:

According to close family members, Kim has been committing tax fraud for years because she’s failed to pay taxes on the hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gifts bestowed on her by old boyfriend, Big Poppa. While they were hot and heavy he was giving over $250,000 a month for her spending allowance even though he tried to limit her to $150,000. By the way, gifts over $50,000 must be listed to the IRS. Do you remember all the jewelry and cars he showered her with during the first two seasons?! If Kim is found guilty it could mean immediate jail time!


The website also claims that Kim still owes her wedding planner Colin Cowie for planning her lavish wedding to Kroy. According to Cowie, Kim has not paid him fully for his services. The wedding planner alleges that Kim still owes him a remaining $20,000. Kim denies this, but Cowie isn’t budging from his allegations. Apparently, he made this information known on his Twitter account last week.


  1. Kroy is a damn fool for getting mixed up with this chick! As for the paying taxes on gifts thats rediculous! It was a gift! maybe Big Poppa should pay it. lol

  2. Uh oh. Kim needs to her finances in order. Right now she is spending way too much for storage and I don’t think her hubby’s NFL contract is that big.

  3. Honestly, I don’t feel bad for Kroy because he knew Kim had an affair with a married man before they got together. That right there should have been a red flag.

  4. Crazy. She better get back in touch with Big Poppa to pay off these taxes because we know her husband can’t. She came to the marriage with all this baggage. Damn shame how messy Kim is.

  5. I don’t care for Kim, but I know they said she filed a lawsuit against her mom for telling people she was having money problems and Kim said something like she’s just lying to the blogs to ruin her image. Her mom is loony though. Hmm…I wonder if Kim might actually be telling the truth about her mom. And if so, she is probably behind this story.

  6. Coming from an accountant the receiver of a gift does not pay taxes on the gifts. Big Poppa is the one who must pay the taxes so this story is incorrect.

    1. Umm it says it was GOSSIP though from another blog…people get so serious about posts that clearly state they are gossip. Sip the tea and relax. Sheesh.

      1. Man what happened with her and her mom? It’s got to be really bad if she’s making up lies about her and sending them to the blogs. That’s just crazy!

  7. Why does Kim never pay anyone for their services?! She did it to Kandi and now her wedding planner! She’s terrible!

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