Khloe Kardashian Says Prayer Keeps Her & Lamar Odom Together

khloe and lamar

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have been a favorite target for the tabloids and gossip blogs for the last several months. Although the couple claims their bond is stronger than ever, they have been reported to be divorcing several times this year. But Khloe denied that she and Lamar Odom were getting a divorce on her Twitter account, and she claims she refuses to let the rumors and negative press ruin her marriage with Lamar. Instead, the twosome are too busy with the launch of their new fragrance, and they are even said to be trying for a baby. Regardless, the speculation over the state of their marriage has not slowed down any.

Khloe has always been vocal about what she thinks helps her and Lamar in their marriage, especially when Hollywood’s divorce rate is so insane. And according to Khloe, the bond between her and Lamar is crucial in keeping them together. And in a recent interview with People Magazine, the reality star reveals that prayer is the couple’s best way of bonding. Khloe cites prayer sessions and a dedication to faith as the reason these two aren’t heading for divorce any time soon or ever.

She says:

“We are very spiritual and we say our prayers with each other every night. He will lead the prayers and it is so sweet. Sometimes his plane will land in the next city [at 4 a.m.] and he will still call me and we say our prayers. If I’m asleep and don’t answer he will text me a prayer. It keeps us together.”


  1. Prayer or needing to prove to everyone that they’re not right about your marriage? I like them together, but it really seems like they are going into overdrive to shut down the rumors. A happy couple doesn’t do that. IJS.

    1. Not necessarily. Celebs are people too and after a while, the rumors do bother them. That doesn’t mean they are true, it just means it’s a subject they do care about. I think they are happy, just tired of the rumors.

  2. Yawn. So I see they are still pressed by the rumors. If it’s not true, just move on. People will always think what they want to anyway, so why waste the energy?

  3. Aww I like them. Yes, they are doing damage control but I believe they truly are happy. But gossip comes with the territory when you’re on TV.

  4. Im glad I dont follow up with he/she say about my life. No Im not a celebrity but people always find something to say about you and if you feed into it then you are just as low. Move on from it, I get stronger everyday!

  5. although I like them together I really think they are struggling to stay married. maybe she don’t wanna look like a failure in the relationship dept like her sister. I wouldn’t be suprised if they slept in seperate beds at night. All you hear is her saying how happy they are and the blogs always say how depressed he is. IDK I hope it works out.

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