Chris Bosh Wins Big in Child Support Battle

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Bosh’s baby mama Allison Mathis made headlines recently when she announced to the press that she was being forced to file for food stamps because she had lost her job and could no longer afford to buy groceries. In addition to losing employment and filing for food stamps, she also lost her home to foreclosure. But Mathis would not blame all of her financial hardships on a bad economy, instead the young woman and mother of Bosh’s three year old daughter would cite her hardships on child support payments from Bosh that pay out $2600 a month. Mathis feels the amount is too low amid her financial hardships, especially since the father of her child is a multimillionaire NBA star.

Earlier this year. Bosh and Mathis proceeded to make their return to court, as Mathis is asking for an increase in child support payments. Unfortunately for Allison, the NBA star decided he would try to prove he has residency in the state of Texas, and therefore make it easier for him to dodge a hefty increase in child support. However, the judge gave Bosh a hard time during questioning, and it didn’t appear that he would get the residency he was seeking

Well, the judge must have had a change of heart. According to Gossip Extra, although Bosh himself was not in court in Orlando on Tuesday, the judge decided to side with Bosh and granted him residency in the state of Texas. His baby mama Allison Mathis and her attorney were hoping he would instead be deemed a resident of the state of Florida, since residency in Florida could increase child support payments to around $30,000 a month.

Mathis’ fiery attorney tells Gossip Extra:

“Everybody knows that Texas is rough on horses and women. Now, I guess that any young man in Florida who makes big money should get a Texas address before they have a baby. They’ll save a lot of money that way.”


Although the judge grilled Bosh over attempting to claim Texas residency in August, Judge Robert Evans says he made his decision based off Bosh’s income tax filings that were sent to the IRS from Texas.

Mathis’ judge plans to appeal the decision.

It’s been a very dramatic battle between Bosh and Mathis as the former couple continue to battle over child support payments. But Mathis claims she’s not a gold digger, and her pregnancy was planned by Bosh, although she claims he left her when she was six months pregnant.


  1. Sigh…so we are about to have another Usher/D Wade situation here where the famous and wealthy guy can just but the judge? Ridiculous.

  2. I can’t believe he thinks $2600 a month is cool when a grown person can barely make it off that.
    She doesn’t need $30,000 but she damn sure should get more than $2600. He’s disgusting for this. I bet his little materialistic wife has put him up to this. She’s not trying to let this woman get anymore of “her” money.

    1. She’s looking for Chris to support her lavish lifestyle. She needs to get her a-s up and find work. I don’t get any child support from my first son and I only make $60K a year that has to cover mortgage, food, hydro etc. She’s too damn spoiled. $2600 is more than enough and I’m sure Bosh does extra for his daughter.

  3. Damn shame how these athletes and singers keep buying these judges and crapping on the mothers of their kids. Bosh will get his though eventually.

  4. Well he’s going to have to explain this to his little girl one day. I hope he knows it seems like he won now, bit he’ll lose later on when she’s old enough to understand what happened.

  5. He ought to be ashamed that he is ok with his kid only get $2600 and makes millions every year. I agree, he is messing up his relationship with his daughter before it even starts.

  6. Maybe I’m cheap or something, but I think $2600 a month is fair for child support. Just because he’s a millionaire shouldn’t mean he has to give her $30,000 a month. She is not his wife. She is an ex gf and a baby mama. She does not get the same perks that his wife gets just because they have a child together. Maybe he can get her get her home back out of courtesy, but $2600 is fair.

  7. Hmm…I see both sides. I think he should pay a LITTLE more because $2600 is hard to live on. I mean, kids come with plenty of expenses. And it doesn’t seem like he’s helping her out very much. But she should not get some ridiculous amount like $30,000 a month. She’s a BM not a WIFE.

  8. At least she gets something! There’s a lot of women out here who get NOTHING from these men and take care of these kids all by their lonely! Suck it up and get another job!

  9. And one more thing, it’s not 1930! Women do not need men to take care of them. We can get our own education, jobs, own businesses,etc. Don’t depend on Bosh, even his own wife needs to be careful because he seems to change his mind about women very fast! She better be stacking her chips too!

  10. The issue is simple to resolve. 2,600 is not enough in my opinion. I get that. The issue is the greed of her attorney and the Child Support system. I’m almost positive that if they were asking for 7,000 to 10,000 a month it would not be as much of an issue but 30,000 is entirely too much to raise any child. The position he is being placed in is either pay 2,600 or 30,000. What would either of you don’t if faced with that option? Exactly… you’d fight for 2,600 too because while you’re making 16M today, you only have another 7 or so years in the NBA then those amounts disappear. 30,000 a month is 360K a year. That’s insanity and we all know it. It should be increased but because the increase is so drastic it forces a man who by all accounts is a decent guy overall to be an asset because the alternative is to pay an amount that while currently manageable will be unwieldy in 10 years. Neither Chris nor his ex are at fault, it’s the adversarial Child Support system that pits mothers and fathers against one another at the expense of the child.

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