TI Puts a Fan in Their Place For Asking Him to Take a Picture

rapper ti

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

TI isn’t one to hold his tongue and the Atlanta rapper and now actor definitely doesn’t let his celebrity status keep him from speaking his mind when prompted. Despite his small frame, TI seems to be pretty fearless when someone has crossed the line, and of course he has a pretty solid reputation for having a short fuse in the industry. So no one could say they were too surprised when the rapper cursed out a fan on Instagram for calling his wife Tiny Harris ugly after he uploaded a picture of her to his account. And just moments after that on the same day, the rapper then proceeded to curse out a young teenage boy for getting fresh and a little too explicit in the comment section of his daughter’s Instagram account.

Well it looks like TI is back to his usual antics and putting some of his fans in their places. This time, TI prompted to check a grown man who was apparently a fan who expressed that he wanted to take a picture with the rapper. We’re not sure why, but in the video, TI is heard telling the fan that he cannot take a picture. While it’s understandable that celebrities can’t always take pictures every single time they are asked by fans, TI does kind of come off like he was talking to one of his kids.¬†Seriously, it seems like his tone was a little too father like for another grown man.

Anyway, we’ll let you be the judge.

Check out the video submitted to World Star Hip Hop below:


  1. Love me some TIP but I would have had to back hand him if I was a man and he was talking to me like that. That’s disrespectful as hell.

    1. Hell yeah, and I dont think he came off wrong Because homeboi kept talkin and what he didnt realize is rappers/celebs are always busy. At least T.I.P told him that he would do it if he had the time and for him to have a blessed day. Hell thats alot mo than what he would’ve got from me.

  2. He aint have to say all of that like that. How you talk like that to the people who buy your albums and support your movies which make you the celebrity people even wanna take pics with. Maybe if he talks to his lil bad a– son King like that, he won’t be such a terror.

  3. This is the man we support and love to see I no it could have been a better way to talk to fans im crazy about Ti a big big fan can’t belive this happened im so disappointed but what can u say when people get money it goes to they head a Lil fame an they forget were they come from.im just realy surprised and shocked.man fake rappers I thought he was down to earth guest not……

  4. i wish that everyone that likes to do bad stuff or saying bad stuff about others or bulliying others i think they all deserve to die and for all the good people to stay in this world

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