Bombshell: Chad Johnson Says He and Evelyn Are Still Married

chad and evelyn

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada ended their marriage on a very scandalous note. After finding a receipt for condoms in Chad’s smart car, the two began to argue and the argument eventually led to Chad head butting his former wife viciously.  Chad was then arrested and charged for the attack, and after the couple seemed to lose just about everything, including their reality show on VH1, Lozada eventually filed for divorce. In a series of interviews, Evelyn claimed that she wanted to move on from Chad even though she loved him. She’s even reportedly told her friends that she just could not allow herself to go back to Chad after her cheated on her and humiliated her with the whole incident.

However, Evelyn’s recent Twitter activity doesn’t match up with her vows to never get back together with Chad. The reality star has had numerous Twitter beefs with Chad’s groupies since the “divorce,” and we have caught the couple several times low key tweeting each other romantic messages. We recently reported that their behavior on Twitter made us question if a romantic reconciliation could be in the works.

Well Chad Johnson stopped by ESPN’s First Take for an exclusive interview on Wednesday morning, and during the interview which mostly consisted of questions about Evelyn and his football career, Johnson dropped a major bombshell about his “divorce” from Evelyn. According to Chad, he and Evelyn are still legally married, despite the reports that suggest the couple officially divorced a few months ago.

Johnson claims that he intentionally signed the wrong name on the divorce papers, and Evelyn is allegedly aware of that fact. He also mentioned that he did this because he wants to work on the marriage and “get his family back.”

He says:

“You know something funny about the situation? You know, I am not even divorced. I signed papers and put the wrong name on the paper work on purpose. I know I messed up and disrespected those vows but I am still married.”

Evelyn must not be too angry that Chad didn’t sign the divorce papers, since Chad says the two have been in contact and she even called him the other day and said nothing while she let Beyonce’s Love on Top play in its entirety in the back ground:

chad and evelyn tweet

Remember that Chad usually refers to Evelyn as “Pizza” on Twitter because he told her on an episode of BBW that she is the last slice of pizza nobody wants. Of course Chad could have been joking around, but the way these two have been acting on Twitter lately makes that seem very unlikely.

Some people in the Miami area even say they have spotted the former couple together, but that can only be hearsay for now as no one has provided any pictures.

There has been speculation that the former couple were only together for a reality show, but just recently, Evelyn told her followers that there was nothing fake about her marriage to Chad.

Check out some clips of Chad’s interview that the producers put together for the show’s Youtube channel. Keep in mind that these are just highlights of the interview. The part where he talks about not signing the divorce papers isn’t in this clip:


  1. Umm Chad bruh, you’re about to get yourself into some more trouble. You should have kept that info between you and Ev. Isn’t against the law to do that though? Hmm…

  2. Not smart. He makes himself seem stalker like when he knows damn well he wants another shot at the NFL. That doesn’t look good to a prospective NFL team.

  3. Wow! I guess another Chris Brown and Ri Ri type reconciliation is about to happen! Love is hard to let go of sometimes that’s if they even ever loved each other in the first place but this dude put hands on you AND was f-ing around on you the Entire marriage while you was seperated with MULTIPLE woman. really Evelyn? Is your self esteem and worth that low?

  4. Evelyn will take him back. We know this already. She’s trying to hold off as long as possible so she won’t looks so stupid. But she hangs with Rihanna now, so I’m sure it’s coming.

  5. I think they will most def get back together…I’m not even surprised. Chad is Ev’s last chance at having a husband because of how stupid she looked on BBW.

  6. LOL this is crazy! And I see Evelyn doesn’t mind because she could have done something about it legally if she wanted to.

  7. They both need to move on. He wasn’t even faithful to her. That says right there that they didn’t have what they wanted people to think they had.

  8. Well if he’s still missing with groupies, it’s not a good sign that things will get better. She needs to move on.

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