Kim Zolciak Tries to Get Gag Order on Her Parents

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kim Zolciak may currently be beefing with her nemesis NeNe Leakes despite leaving Real Housewives of Atlanta, but despite the back and forth insults the two are currently engaged in on Twitter and those recent interview disses, Kim Zolciak’s biggest beef is actually with her own parents. The reality star has reportedly been at odds with her parents for the last few months, and as we reported recently, her mother just recently filed a lawsuit against Kim for keeping the kids away from her and her father. But apparently, it’s being reported that the rift between Kim and her parents has worsened.

In the last few weeks, negative stories regarding Kim’s personal life and finances have been in heavy circulation on the gossip blogs. The most recent one was the allegations that Kim was having tax problems that could possible land her in jail, while there has also been several reports that the reality star is low on funds. Kim’s camp seems to think the negative stories (they also claim these stories are false and Kim has no money problems) are coming from Kim’s parents. And as a result to finally shut her parents up and put an end to the negative press, it’s been reported that Kim is attempting to get a gag order placed on her parents.

According to TMZ, Kim filed an emergency motion last week in Georgia asking a judge to stop her parents from discussing their on-going case. According to the report, Kim says her parents are trashing her in the media with what she claims are vicious lies and allegations, all in which she claims are negatively impacting the kids.

It’s also been stated by Kim’s reps that her mother actually has a tell-all book in the works and the deal was a smooth $50,000.


  1. Wow! That is so sad! I hope they eventually work it out. I’m sure the kids want to see their grandparents. Money can ruin anything, even a family. SMH.

  2. She’s doing the right thing if they are after money and have a tell all on the way. Yeah it sucks, but it’s life.

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