Porsha Stewart Hints That She Thinks Kenya Moore is Jealous of Her

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The Porsha Stewart and Kenya Moore beef continues. Both Porsha and Kenya haven’t been on good terms ever since Porsha mistakenly referred to Kenya as Miss America during her charity event. Kenya was immediately furious with Porsha and promptly left the event, as she took the gaffe to be nothing more than a planned insult.  The gaffe was then followed up by a confrontation outside the event, and what should have just been a little misunderstanding between the two newbies of Season 5 of Real Housewives of Atlanta actually was the beginning of what seems like a full-fledged beef between the reality stars that just will not end.

Kenya has already made her feelings for Porsha clear in her last several interviews. But it would be Kenya’s recent sit down with Wendy Williams that made many speculate that Kenya might actually not like Porsha because she’s actually jealous of her. In the interview with Wendy, Kenya stated that her biggest problem with Porsha is that she hasn’t really had to work for anything that she has in her life and because of that, Kenya doesn’t feel like she can relate to her.

Well it looks like Porsha just confirmed that she thinks Kenya is jealous of her too. During a recent interview with EURweb, when discussing her feelings about Kenya, she says:

“I would never use the word “jealousy” because to me for me to say someone is jealous of me that means I think I’m better than you. I definitely think she thinks she’s better than other people. I don’t live my life that way, I don’t have to. I live well. I have a great husband and I have a great life and I have meaning and purpose in my life, so I don’t have to down anybody else. But if you don’t have anything going on for yourself and you have created your environment and created a life out of thin air basically, then you will see the need when you come against somebody who has a real life and real legacy you will come against that.”


  1. And I agree! I have been saying it for weeks. It’s so obvious that Kenya wishes she had Porsha’s life. She actually could have a man if she calmed down that nasty attitude of hers.

  2. She is jealous…Porsha has everything Kenya wishes she had. A husband, she’s well taken care of, a housewife, she’s young and very happy. Kenya can’t stand it.

  3. Porsha is spot on about Kenya. Miserable usually try to act like they are superior to everyone else. Hey, look at most of Hollywood. They are very miserable people who need to have “fans” to get out the bed every morning.

  4. Of course Kenya is jealous. Porsha has everything she wants but can’t have. Kenya isn’t a horrible person, she just needs to bring down her funkiness a few notches. You can be sassy, but there’s a thin line between sass and stank. And she is the stankest person on the show. LOL.

  5. Kenya could be married but she like too many other “independent women” put their career above love and family life. By doing so, they do end up very successful, but by 30 they realize that they do want to be married. And just like Kenya, they are left playing catch up way too late with the wrong men (Walter). She just needs to humble herself and date men who want the same things as her. Walter is not that guy.

  6. That’s the realest thing I’ve heard Porsha say…LOL. But I think most people can see that Kenya is very jealous.

  7. I think they are jealous of each other. Kenya is a natural beauty…and Porsha would love to be able to say she won a national pageant…and has real long hair. And Kenya wants a husband and child….

  8. U r right….u aren’t the sharpest knife in the kitchen…..but u surely not it going on w/ a hubby to boot….LOL

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