Falynn Pina & Simon Guobadia Continue to Come for Porsha Williams + Dennis McKinley Steps In?

Porsha Williams Dennis McKinley RHOA Season 16
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Porsha Williams’ split from Simon Guobadia gets messier.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Williams has been in the headlines, thanks to her messy split from Simon Guobadia. However, most fans know that the romance’s start was just as controversial. During their engagement, Simon said he fell in love with Porsha at first sight. Interestingly enough, he met Porsha while he was married to Falynn Pina.

At the time, Falynn had been cast as Porsha’s friend on RHOA. This is why some fans questioned if Porsha and Simon began messing around while he was still with Falynn. Regardless, Porsha denied that this was the case. And she claimed that she and Simon became a couple after he and Falynn broke up. Simon later accused Falynn of cheating on him with her assistant. Falynn and the former assistant went on to have a child together before going their separate ways.

Months ago, Falynn caused a stir on social media because she said she still wanted to run up on Porsha for how everything played out. Apparently, Falynn had a chance to do so recently when she and Porsha were at the same club. But she decided against it.

Falynn made this revelation during an interview with 96.1 The Beat.

“We definitely locked eyes. I was like you gon take this moment to say something or? I said you know what it’s not even worth it. It’s my best friend’s birthday.”

She continued, “And I’m not gonna do it for a licensed prostitute.”

Simon and Porsha have been exchanging jabs at one another on social media amid their divorce process getting ugly in court. The other day Simon threatened to sue Porsha after she posted “ED” all over her Instagram Stories.

He wrote, “This ‘railroad’ ‘265 day’ just does not get it…there are consequences for making inflammatory and defamatory statements. Get your coins together, you’re going to need every dime to defend what’s coming. A woman that has a history of coming for the manhood of every ex. Peddling same old narrative and tricks; unfortunately, you met the right one. #railroad265days #married453days”

Simon’s legal threat didn’t move Porsha. Not only did she continue to post “ED” all over her Instagram Stories, but she also posted a clip of her enjoying the car Simon gifted her. This is allegedly the same vehicle Simon doesn’t want her to film RHOA in.


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Dennis McKinley also seemingly supported Porsha with an Instagram post of his own.

“#CityBoys @cityboys Y’all be safe out here 🟢💪🏽 We down like 100,000 this week & remember always give #HD not #ED 💵 not enough my boy.”



  1. Now see I said Porsha was wrong to get with this man when it all happened, but Falynn is annoying me now.

  2. Just typical of messy people to get involved in something that has nothing to do with them. Just tell me when the season will get started so we can see what’s going on

  3. Simon has a pattern with women I can’t help but point out. He’s a serial cheater and out his own mouth he said he’s cheated on every wife he’s had. He also likes to intimidate his exes and slander their character. Men like him use their money to control women. That isn’t working with Porsha because she has her own money. I have my issues with Porsha but I’m glad she’s not backing down to that bully.

  4. Falynn sit down and shut up 🤬. Simon needs to join her and shut up. He upset and wanting to sue or post that never mentioned his name. ( Hit dog will holler) He is not proving his point that he is better than Porsha. Maybe he is needing money with all his legal issues?

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