Rapper Game Discusses His Beef With Jay-Z

By: Taren Vaughan

When it comes to Hip-Hop beefs, Rapper Game knows them very well as the rapper has found himself caught up in many of them. One of his lengthy ones was the one he had going with 50 Cent, another artist who can only go a short period of time before he gets locked into a new one of his own. Game’s beef with 50 is now placed on the back burner as he has been going at it with former Bad Boy lyricist Shyne. His one with Rapper 40 Glocc however got much more serious than just firing Twitter shots at each other as Game was caught on camera beating up 40 Glocc and found himself facing a lawsuit over the incident. As for Game’s beefs, they have a tendency to get very real. But the one that he had with Jay-Z though was reserved for the studio only as he took lyrical jabs at the Brooklyn rap star. After what he did, Game assured to Vibe that the possibility of him and Jay-Z doing a song together was probably slim to none and that he was shocked that he got away with dissing Jay, since others who have come at Jay-Z have not been so lucky to still have a career afterwards:

“Yeah, you probably won’t ever see that. I think I pretty much f–cked that up in the beginning of my career. But, I’m probably one of the only cats that ever went straight at Jay-Z’s neck and still had a career after, which was risky.”

His fiancé Tiffney, who is a fan of Jay-Z, told him that is wasn’t in his best interest to do that, her saying that Jay-Z has enough clout to leave them struggling:

“I remember even fighting, having a real like argument, having a real like altercation, with the mother of my children ’cause she was a Jay-Z fan. She was just like, ‘You don’t know what you’re doing. He’s gonna come back and we’re not gonna be able to survive.’ And I just wanted to be like, ‘What? This is crazy.’ But Jay and Beyonce are a powerful couple man. They’ll turn your own family against you.”

Unlike when Nas and 50 Cent threw disses his way, Jay-Z never fully responded Game. And Game says that it is because Jay-Z knows how reckless he can be and that Jay respects him enough not to do that:

“Jay never responded. Number one, he is smart and I think that he knows that I’m reckless and there’s nothing that I can’t say. But he has to be filtered because he’s more of a businessman and he’s a little bit older and he’s doing all these business deals. So he can’t really go as reckless as I can, but once I go, I’m going. Plus Jay, I think in his own right respects me as a lyricist. He doesn’t have to do a song with me, but I know that he listens and I know that he respects me cause he responds sometime like on “One Blood” when I hit him with ‘You 38 and you still rappin’, ugh’.”

Game wrapped up by saying that he is cool with never getting on a track with Jay-Z because Jay responding to his disses is good enough for him.

In related news, Game has officially joined the reality TV world, starring in Marrying The Game, the rapper exposing viewers to a more personal side of him, taking them on his journey to the alter with his fiancé Tiffney Cambridge, whom he has been engaged to on several occasions, Game’s slip ups causing them to have problems. Reluctant to dip into the world of reality TV himself, Game spoke on the fact that Tiffney, her being good friends with both Shaunie O’Neal and Evelyn Lozada, went behind his back and  “found the heads of VH1 and started taking her own meetings”, leading some to believe that she is wanting the same kind of success that Ev and Shaunie have had.

As for the Game’s comments about Jay-Z, was he being a bit delusional? What do you think?


  1. I like Game but he’s a bit delusional about this. Jay-Z didn’t respond to him because he didn’t think he was worth responding to. Jay-Z likes to go after other heavyweights (Nas), not forgettable rappers.

  2. Umm no Game. Jay-Z just didn’t find you as a worthy opponent. You’re ok, but nothing special lyrically. And I’m not shocked Tiffney went behind his back to get the show. If she’s cool with Evelyn and Shaunie, that says plenty about her.

  3. Game must have a few screws lose. Sometimes people don’t pay you any attention not because they respect you, but because you’re not on their level. Game is nowhere close to being on Jay’s level. And he never will be.

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