Katt Williams Gets Arrested Again, Charged With Felony

katt williams

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Katt Williams continues to have more legal troubles, after he just retracted his retirement. The comedian has been caught up in some of the most bizarre situations in the last few weeks, and he has been accused of assaulting fans, slapping Target employees and even causing a high-speed chase which allegedly led to him running red lights. In addition to being arrested several times, Katt is also racking up in the lawsuits, with the two most recent ones coming from fans and his former assistant who claims the comedian punched her in the face. Despite all of these back to back reports, Katt Williams claimed he is not on any hard drugs. But even some of his fellow comedic peers believe that Katt is behaving too erratic to not be under some kind of influence.

Well now Katt has been arrested again Friday night in Dunnigan, California. According to reports. the Yolo County Sheriff Deputies were acting on an arrest warrant that was issued by the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office on Friday. It’s been confirmed that the arrest warrant was for felony evading of officers and driving in a reckless manner.

It’s been alleged that Katt Williams was riding on a three-wheeled motorcycle when he turned down a street where motor vehicles were not allowed. It’s also being alleged that the troubled comedian almost hit 5 pedestrians while riding down the prohibited street.

Katt was released on bail on Saturday morning and he also has upcoming hearing for allegedly assaulting a Target employee. The alleged video of the assault has been posted on Youtube.


  1. He needs to separate himself from whoever he still has left on his team, get some help, and come back when he’s clean.

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