Video of Katt Williams Hitting Fan With Microphone Released, Lawsuit Pending

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It should be clear as day now that people don’t need to try Katt Williams’ patience. The comedian has been in a trouble quite frequently for the last couple of months. Katt has been arrested several times for allegedly assaulting members in the audience, Target employees, and even his own assistant. Then he has also had several meltdowns on stage during his recent performances. During the phase of erratic behavior, Williams is also racking up on the lawsuits. And not surprisingly, it is Kattt’s own fans that seem to be wanting the comedian to pay for his erratic performances with his pockets. Katt’s behavior has been so extreme these last few weeks, that many people are speculating that the comedian is on drugs. However, Katt says he is not on drugs and not concerned with the negative press that seems to follow him in every city he performs in.

Katt is now facing a felony charge as he was arrested the other day in California for allegedly a high-speed chase that ensued when he refused to stop his 3 wheel motorcycle for police the other day. Cops claim the comedian was riding down a street that was prohibited for motor vehicles, and it has been reported that he allegedly almost hit 5 pedestrians during the incident.

Well now it’s being reported that Katt had more trouble in Seattle than a meltdown on stage. According to a fan, Katt hit him on the head with a microphone during his performance. It is being said that the comedian bopped the fan in the head because he caught him filming the show with his cellphone.

According to MyNorthwest, the fan, Carlos Castro says he plans to sue the comedian and that he didn’t know that Katt would react that way to him recording the performance.

He says:

“I saw everybody taking pictures and videos so I started taking pictures. As a very big fan of Katt Williams, of course I wanted a picture of him. I wanted to get a video of him.

“He came down past the third row to the fourth row exactly behind where I was and smacked me in the head with the microphone.”


Carlos also says that as he attempted to leave the show right after being assaulted with the microphone, Katt then began to insult him further and talk about his concealed weapons:

“He said ‘go ahead and go home. Go home and get your gun. I have a concealed weapon too and I’m not afraid to use it. I’ll be here all night, don’t worry.”


Carlos also confirmed that he is no longer a fan of Katt Williams and he is in the process of filing a lawsuit since he claims the incident left his head with contusions.


Here’s the alleged video of Katt hitting Carlos in the head with a mic obtained by TMZ:


  1. Not only is he probably on something, but he obviously has some serious anger issues. That really wasn’t necessary.

  2. I think they said Suge Knight bailed him out of jail the other day too. As long as Suge is in the picture, Kattt’s days on this earth are numbered. Suge is the fat a– version of The Grim Reaper.

  3. My question is how and why is Katt not going to jail or rehab for his issues? He is going to end up murdered and thrown in a ditch somewhere if he does not calm down.

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