Acquaintance of Katt Williams Says He is Mentally Ill & Not on Drugs

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Katt Williams’ continuous legal troubles have caused a lot of concern and disappointment for his fans. The comedian has been arrested several times for allegedly assaulting several people, but he could now be charged for a felony after he refused to stop his 3 wheel motorcycle for police in California. Despite his series of meltdowns on stage and the numerous arrests, the comedian claims he is not on drugs and not concerned with the negative press he has been getting for the last few weeks. Katt would eventually announce that he is retiring from stand up comedy, but one of his “handlers” claimed Katt was just in his feelings at the time and would not be retiring.

Fresh from the new lawsuit that was filed against Katt that resulted from the comedian hitting a fan in the head with a microphone, one of Katt’s alleged acquaintances says Katt is not on any drugs, but instead suffers from mental illness. An insider tells Nicole B*tchie that Katt is actually Bi-Polar Schizophrenic and was diagnosed a few years ago. The source also claims that despite being mentally ill, Katt is refusing to take his medication and his circle isn’t trying to help him:

I used to be a part of Katt Williams’ camp and I would like to remain anonymous. I am really hoping you post this. I know his girlfriend (who needs just as much help as he does) searches for this stuff online and shows it to him. Katt has outcasted EVERYONE who cares about him for trying to help him. He is NOT on drugs which is what the public thinks. Katt was diagnosed Bi-Polar Schizophrenic back in 2008 after he did a two week stretch in the mental institution.

The source seems to think Katt’s current circle prefers him not to be on his meds because he tends to be more generous with his money when he’s not:

If you do your research as to when things start happening with him every year it’s around the same time. Oct – Jan he is in a MANIC DEPRESSIVE state and he is not on any meds. Don’t get me wrong he’s mentally ill 365 days a year however starting around October and ending around January he goes through SERIOUS trouble. There is NO ONE around him who will get him any help. Everyone with him is either just as crazy as he is, or milking him for his money because he spends frivolously when he is like this then blames other people for stealing after he semi-snaps back to reality!


  1. This sounds like a lie…I think his new PR person is trying to clean up his mess. I think it’s a little too late for that.

  2. I think it’s mental illness mixed with drugs, crystal meth to be exact. One of my good friend’s brother is schizo/bi-polar and he’s on crystal meth and Katt is displaying the same type actions as my friend’s brother. For his children’s sake, I hope Katt gets on his meds really soon!

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