Is Lamar Cheating on Khloe?

Photo Credit: David Shankbone

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Is Lamar cheating on Khloe? Earlier this year, it was rumored that Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom were getting a divorce. But quickly after the reports surfaced to the gossip blogs. Khloe took to her Twitter account to shoot down the rumors. Of course, none of that has managed to keep the couple from being talked about and a target for vicious rumors. Now that the divorce rumors have cooled down some, the latest rumors surrounding the couple are cheating allegations. According to recent reports, it has been alleged that Lamar has been cheating on Khloe. And the reports suggest the NBA star has been having an affair with multiple women while he’s away playing games and Khloe continues her new stint on The X factor.

In Touch Weekly claims an eyewitness tipped them off to Lamar’s alleged naughty behavior:

Now, an eyewitness tells In Touch that Lamar was lingering in an alley in the wee hours of the morning with two women.

“He went out the back door, and it looked like he was about to leave,” eyewitness Teresa Witt, who was partying at Skkybar that night, tells In Touch. “They were standing next to a cab. Both of the women were very thin brunettes in their late twenties, and when I saw them, I immediately wondered, ‘Why is Lamar in an alley in the middle of the night with two gorgeous girls?’”


According to the publication, this isn’t the first time Lamar has been caught creeping behind Khloe’s back.:

And it wasn’t the only time in recent weeks that the basketball star, 33, has been spotted in the company of other women. During a Thanksgiving trip to NYC, a source close to the couple tells In Touch he snuck two different women up to his room at the Trump SoHo hotel, adding, “His driver helped him.”

And on Dec. 9, he was spotted at Greystone Manor in LA with “a short blond girl,” says a witness, “talking so close it looked like they were kissing. He seemed to be having the time of his life.”


As always, Khloe isn’t the least bit concerned about the rumors. She’s been on her Twitter account posting her usual cutesy tweets, and it doesn’t seem like the reality star is fazed. Earlier this year she explained that she has a close bond with Lamar that keeps her from letting the rumors get to her. She also claims that prayer keeps them together.


  1. Sweetie if you have to pray for your marriage then you need to get out while you are ahead. A good marriage works off of Love and trust not prayer.

  2. I like them together but I never thought he was faithful. He’s a professional athlete and they don’t really try to be faithful to their wives. That’s why you shouldn’t marry one if monogamy is important to you.

  3. Good for Khloe not to get caught up in rumors. If Lamar is cheating why should Khloe leave her husband, the man she loves, and trust. Most men cheat, most NFL players have mutiple women wanting them for a night or two. Khloe have him for a life time, if Lamar is keeping it clean then there should be no problems. Khloe keep your head up and pratice your vows with Lamar you both are doing better than many.

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