Ice-T Slams the Criticism Surrounding His Wife Coco’s Recent Picture Scandal

Photo Credit: E!

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Ice-T is usually very candid when it comes to his marriage to Coco. The couple’s openness even got them their very own reality show Ice Loves Coco on E!, and the marriage itself has become a high-profile one in Hollywood. However, the two had a very public problem in their marriage after Coco took some pretty inappropriate photos with another rapper. When the photos started to make their way on the gossip blogs, Ice-T took to his Twitter account to call out Coco for disrespecting him and their marriage. In the pictures, Coco is seen snuggling up to up and coming rapper AP 9 and in some pictures, he is even kissing on her.

Coco claims that she did not have an affair and the pictures were only done in humor between friends. But she did admit that she did understand why Ice-T found them to be disrespectful and tasteless for a married woman.

Of course with any celebrity scandal that goes public, Twitter usually becomes the best place to for fans and critics to make their opinions known. So it didn’t take long before Coco’s mentions blew up and people dragged her for what they feel looks like cheating on her husband.

Just a couple of days after the incident, Ice-T and Coco were photographed together and appeared to be all smiles. Perhaps they are back on good terms because the rapper and actor took to his Twitter account to rant about people being all up in their business. Ironically again, he made his business known again through Twitter when he mentioned how much money Coco makes.

He tweets (read from the bottom up):


  1. I don’t get how celebs put their business out there on Twitter and then turn around and say, “Mind your business!” We were trying to and then your thirsty a– tweeted. LMAO.

  2. I’m not sure why celebs throw their salaries in our faces when their personal lives are so ratchet. Is her salary supposed to make up for the fact that she keeps new d-ck on the side?

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