Ice-T & Coco Separating? Rep Speaks

Photo Credit: @finallevel Twitter
Photo Credit: @finallevel Twitter

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Are Ice-T and Coco Separating? The couple and stars of reality television have had a rough couple of months in the public’s eye. Things got sour quickly when photos of Coco being a little to friendly with an up and coming rapper began to spread around the internet. Ice-T spoke out against the photos on his Twitter account, and made it known that he wasn’t pleased that his wife took such disrespectful photos. Coco apologized to Ice-T and their fans on her Twitter account, and the couple vowed that they would work through their issues in private. However, the up and coming rapper AP.9 has made the very hard to do as he is pulling a Kat Stacks and doing every interview possible to keep the controversy alive.

Recently, AP.9 made headlines for claiming that he has some very risky photos of Coco that he was shopping around to magazines, and that he’s been allegedly sleeping with Coco without protection during her time in Vegas.

Ice-T seems to be directing his anger with the situation these days to the media, but he did stand up for his wife recently on his Twitter account, claiming that people are just hating on his marriage. Despite the loyalty Ice-T’s been flossing on the social networks, reports are suggesting that the couple may be over. The latest gossip is claiming that Ice-T has filed for separation.

However, the rep for Coco says the rumors are simply false, and no such paperwork has been filed in any court.

The rep tells Rumor Fix:

“Ice and Coco are doing totally fine, the separation rumors are false. hose papers are fake. They are not addressing rumors or the photos (her posing with that rapper) and are moving forward happily.”


  1. All I can do is shake my head. Coco has proven that she isn’t loyal. I’m not sure why he’s keeping her around.

  2. Ive seen her take different pics before in the club with guys. There just fun pics. The rest of he garbage Ap.9 blabbin about is just “talk”. He has to bring some hard evidence for me to believe him. Right now he sounds like a scorned woman!

    1. I agree. I think he’s lying too. He’s just trying to use the situation to get fame with his wack a-s.

  3. If this guy is pulling a Katt Stacks, when is Ice going to handle him?! Ice is a real street dude. I can’t believe he didn’t get someone to put a cap in this irrelevant dude’s a-s by now. It’s not like he can’t. He has a lot of people who would do him the favor.

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