President Obama Gets Emotional Over the Connecticut School Shooting

Photo Credit: Lawrence Jackson

By: Taren Vaughan

President Barack Obama, with the support of his campaign members and the American citizens who continue to have the utmost faith in his ideas and capabilities, was able to be re-elected for another term as the President of the United States of America. One of the things that most people adore and respect about President Obama is his ability to deliver powerful speeches that really drive messages home to those listening. And he always seems to deliver them with so much passion, coming straight from the heart. While many of his speeches and messages that he has given during these past few months have been positive, despite the ones revolving around the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and the movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, the one that he had to give most recently was a sad one as the President had to address a very tragic incident that occurred at an elementary school in Connecticut. The shooting occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut and left 2o children dead, the total number of deaths reaching 27, with staff members also losing their lives in the fatal shooting. Millions of people across the country have spoken out about the tragedy, many of them deeply saddened by the event that took place. And President Obama was one of those individuals as he made a statement, addressing the fatal shooting, tearing up as he spoke as he too has two children of his own:

Schools are supposed to be the learning havens for students of all ages and backgrounds to thrive and prosper. And are meant to be places where educators can instill in them not only the knowledge that they need to be successful on higher educational levels but to teach them life lessons that they will always remember. Sadly, this school related tragedy has left families mourning the loss of their loved ones and has caused much sorrow amongst the nation. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the town of Newtown, Connecticut and all of the families who were affected by this tragic event.


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