Suge Knight Defends Katt Williams’ Legal Troubles

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By: Taren Vaughan

Katt Williams has had a very hard time here lately as the comedian, who is most often known for giving people a good laugh, has been caught up in some things that many find nothing funny about at all. Following a nightclub incident that led to him getting arrested mistakenly as he claimed, Katt continued to have more issues as he was reported to have had a meltdown on stage during a show in Oakland.  And he had more run ins with the law in Cali as Katt looked to face a felony charge for another incident in the state. Aside from getting into with audience members at shows, Katt was caught on tape assaulting a Target worker, another bit of trouble that the comedian got himself into. And to add to everything that has been going on with him, a fan of his from the audience during one of his performances is set to sue him after Katt hit them in the head with a microphone.  With all the craziness going on involving Katt, the thoughts of drug abuse started to come about again and has even led Katt to supposedly give up comedy for good. Yet an acquaintance of Katt’s backed the comedian’s previous claim about him not being on drugs and they said that although Katt is not on drugs, he is mentally ill. Either way, many of his fans, and other Hollywood celebrities feel that Katt Williams is going out of his mind. Former Death Row C.E.O. Suge Knight, a good friend of Katt’s, begs to differ though as Suge says Katt isn’t crazy, he just has a short temper that causes him to get into a lot of troublesome situations, adding that he thinks people tend to mess with Katt because of his small stature:

Katt Williams isn’t losing his mind … he’s just a really  sensitive man with a bad temper, who gets himself into bad situations — this  according to Katt’s close friend and confidante Suge Knight.

Suge — who was present for Katt’s most recent arrest  in Seattle following a bar fight — tells TMZ, Katt’s recent string of bizarre  behavior was the result of fan harassment … “People test him because he’s  small and the best comedian of all time.”

Suge says fans forget Katt’s a  real person with real feelings … and Katt lashes out as a result, when  people mock him on the street, making jokes about his hair and calling him  short.

Suge tells us, “When people see him, they don’t separate the Katt  Williams on stage from the Katt Williams just being a regular  person.”

Suge compares Katt’s “rough spell” to Mike Tyson’s and Richard  Pryor’s — “That’s what happens when you’re the best in the business. Sometimes  you just have rough times.”

The Seattle bar fight is just one example —  Suge says he and Katt were watching the Seahawks game, but cheering for Chicago  … which pissed off local bar patrons … who then started a fight with  Katt.

Suge adds, “Things like that happen to Katt all the time where  people start with him. He just don’t take no sh*t.”

Suge Knight knows firsthand how being a hot head can land you in some serious trouble as he himself is no stranger to run-ins with the law. Yet and still, Suge just doesn’t seem to be buying into to the whole claim of Katt being mentally ill for he says that it’s a matter of people always trying to test him.


  1. But Katt is hitting these people first! He is to blame! No wonder he keeps getting in trouble. He’s hanging with Suge!!!

  2. This will not end well. Katt needs to run from Suge. Whoever called Suge Knight the Hood Grim Reaper on here was on point.

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