NeNe Leakes Speaks on the Porsha and Kenya Fight

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The Porsha and Kenya fight is one of the most anticipated points of Season 5 of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kenya and Porsha’s beef originated from something as petty as Porsha accidentally calling Kenya Ms. America at a charity event. Kenya took the slip up as intended shade, and an argument followed after Kenya walked out of Porsha’s event. Since then, both Porsha and Kenya have been going back and forth with trading insults. Kenya seems to think Porsha is a spoiled brat who lacks class and didn’t have to work for anything she has, while Porsha seems to think Kenya is jealous that she has a husband and a genuinely happy life as a housewife. The beef eventually leads to a rumored Porsha and Kenya fight, but it was reported a few months ago that it would be NeNe and Kenya to come to blows in front of the cameras. Both ladies denied that on their Twitter accounts.

It appears that Porsha and Kenya’s fight may have actually been prevented by NeNe. In a recent interview with US Weekly, NeNe claims that she had to step in and keep the ladies from throwing down in Anguilla. According to Porsha and NeNe, Kenya completely snapped and got vicious to the point that she attempted to attack Porsha.

Porsha tells US Magazine of her altercation with Kenya in Anguilla:

“She called me a f*cking b*tch and I told her she’s classless and ghetto. When I’m put in the face of someone who’s fake and phony, then we will clash.”


NeNe says she wasn’t afraid to step in and stop Kenya from taking things too far and getting physical with Porsha:

“I pulled Kenya away because she was going to hit Porsha. She was looking wild and crazy! Kenya claims she’s strong but I’m strong too. I was like, “I’ll hold you down!'”


Of course Kenya stayed true to her mean girl label and seems to have no regrets about attempting to attack Porsha. She tells the publication:

“Porsha blatantly disrespected me. Listen, I’m from Detroit. I’m not going to let her get away with that type of behavior! Good girls go to heaven. Bad girls go everywhere!”


  1. I can’t believe grown women are behaving this way. The saddest person of all is Kenya. She was willing to make a complete fool out of herself and lie just for a check from Bravo. I hope she doesn’t come back next season either. She has totally ruined what little image she did have.

  2. Am I watching the same show as everybody else?! Ok…ok… I know Kenya is a little on the crazy side, however she didn’t like Porshas event before the Miss America comment was made! She didn’t leave because of the comment, she left so she wouldn’t fall asleep at that boring event. Which was just something for Porsha to do! Her husband comes to the event to announce that he’s giving the foundation a check and his wife a Chanel bag! That’s not the place or an event for personal gifts. Lol. Anyway, when Kenya left, she excused herself and said I need to go see where my friend is (Lawrence). Porsha came out looking for her. So she didn’t storm out rudely! Porsha should have just left the conversation alone when Kenya said, look, it happened.. I don’t want to talk about it…it’s over. The little girl kept pushing it!! Then she keeps talking about what Kenya did 20 years ago… and granted it was a longggg time ago. It was still done. It was an accomplishment and you can’t take that from her! Then Porsha comes over to the conversation that the girls are having with Kenya still talking…. Um, lets be honest ladies…. if someone walks up on you the way Porsha did Kenya, I’m pretty sure some of you would have a different view!!

    I just think that because Kenya is a little crazy and outspoken she will be the target! I don’t like Porsha. The only insult she can give Kenya is that she is old. And yeah, she may be a little old (and I’m not sure what’s going on with her skin sometimes), but she looks good! Porsha better stop because she looks just like her grandfather and she has to get to Kenyas age!! Her and her husband will be looking like they are brothers!!! lol And Kenya has a very great point… if it wasn’t for Hosea Williams (Porshas grandfather), what accomplishments has she done on her own. Nothing!! Which I think it’s great that she is a part of it, but don’t try to bring someone down on something that they worked hard for, and then trip because they defend themselves. Right is right, and wrong is wrong. And with this fight…. I think that Porsha was way out of line!!

  3. I think they both was out of line. No, Porshia didn’t have to bring up the event or she should have let it go once Kenya said to do so, But Kenya just went sideways and took things to an entirely different level! No matter which way u look at it Kenya is extra extra extra! and one thing that is such a bad look and unattractive is a woman who is desperate for attention AKA Kenya!

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