Evelyn Lozada Says She’s Glad Royce Reed Got Fired From Basketball Wives

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By: Taren Vaughan

Evelyn Lozada stepped back from the spotlight for a short moment after the domestic violence dispute happened between her and Chad Johnson. Now the reality TV show star is back on the scene again, getting herself involved with a number of charity events and campaigns, doing a lot of very positive things with her time. Although Evelyn has made it a point to say that she is not the same bottle throwing chick that we saw jumping on tables on BBW last season, that hasn’t stopped her from throwing shade or dragging people when she feels necessary. And as always, Evelyn continues to not hold back any thoughts that she has about other cast members of the show. Chatting it up with AllAboutTRH, Evelyn spoke about her involvement with the “I’d Rather Be Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign and what influenced her to join it. She also dishes on the upcoming season of Basketball Wives, telling folks how she really feels about Royce Reed and newcomer Tasha Marbury being added to the mix, wife of NBA baller Stephon Marbury. Before getting into her spill about Royce, Evelyn was asked about what viewers should expect to see on the next season of Basketball Wives. And she says as the show is always very unpredictable, Evelyn says that there will absolutely be no bottle throwing on her behalf:

“Well we started filming like three weeks ago. It’s always hard to say what to expect when you’re going into a season and you never know what’s going to happen.

You just never know what’s going to happen. I will tell you this, there won’t be no bottle throwing! That won’t happen.”

Evelyn and her former BFF Jennifer Williams had some very unpleasant run-ins with each other last season, their beef being sparked over some comments that Jennifer made about Chad during an interview of hers. While the two seemed to have made up on the reunion show, there were still questions about where they stood with each other. Evelyn says though that her and Jennifer are not best friends again but they are no longer beefing with each other and that they are very cordial to each other when they cross paths:

“You know, I actually bumped into her recently which is crazy. We happened to be at the same restaurant eating. So random. But we spoke and were very cordial and that’s about it. You know, we don’t hang out and it’s just different. I don’t wish her any ill will and you know, I truly wish her the very best and I really, really mean that.

It’s just sometimes friendships change and it’s meant to be that way. And I feel like if it’s meant to go back to what it was then that’s fine too. But when you add the show, and fame, and drama it just puts strain on certain friendships. I have very few friends, people that I really call friends. Everyone else is just acquaintances.”

Jennifer Williams was one of the cast members rumored to not be returning back to the show, along with Kesha Nichols and Royce Reed. As Jennifer and Kesha have yet to confirm their departure, Royce Reed not too long ago confirmed that she would not be returning for another season of BBW. And when Evelyn was asked about Royce leaving the show, she made it clear in one word how she felt about it:


Evelyn added that Royce got the boot for having a dry storyline, Evelyn saying that her friend Tasha Marbury will be a good fit for the show:

“[sigh] Ummm. How can I be politically correct? Thank god.

Let me just say this. When I film I give so much of me to the show. I don’t care what’s going on. So if your storyline is repetitive…you know it’s a good thing. I think that Tasha will bring more flair to the show and people will find her interesting.”

Evelyn says there is no communication between her and Royce whatsoever and that she even got to the point where she couldn’t stand to be around her at all period, saying that she stopped filming with Royce two seasons back and claims that Royce tended to add fuel to the drama that was already going on in the show:

“No. No. I stopped filming with her two seasons ago because I just wasn’t going to do that. And the thing is there were certain interviews she was doing, and she just fueled the fire. When the show airs there’s so much we deal with – with Twitter, the blogs are talking sh*t about you, so, whatever. But when a cast member also adds fuel to the fire…

Because my thing is, when I’m done filming I don’t really talk about anybody. I’m not going to just talk about you. I have other things to talk about. I just feel like some of her interviews went a little too far and I just cut her off two seasons ago because I didn’t want to talk about her. And I knew that if I did I would make her relevant. I’m just saying!”

Evelyn adds that Shaunie O’Neal is her closest friend on the show and that she has a long standing friendship with Tasha Marbury. Yet she still does have love for other reality TV stars too as she “loves” NeNe Leakes of Real Housewives of Atlanta. As far as Royce is concerned, Ev won’t be missing her much from what we can tell.




  1. Dang Royce! You need to respond back or something. Say something about her head butt scar, failed marriage or something!

  2. Well Evelyn people will be thanking God the day this stupid show gets cancelled and you go sit down somewhere. I’m hoping that’s soon.

  3. Evelyn your claim to fame was acting like a hoodrat on national television. Let’s not try to throw shade. Royce has a college degree, is acting, and now has her own dance studio. You’re hiding a scar on your forehead from that time a flop football player headbutted you after you found out he was cheating on your dusty a–. And your BFF Shaunie’s nostrils are as big as Shaq’s nutz. Can you really talk about anyone else?

  4. She doesn’t like Royce because Royce stood up to her. She’s a bully just like Tami. They can’t stand it when people aren’t scared of them.

  5. Girl bye! She must not know that she’s a reality star with a bad rep. She is on 10 of her 15 minutes. At least Royce will have something to fall back on. What talent does Evelyn have?

  6. Evelyn needs the show. Jennifer and Royce don’t need the show. They accomplished what they needed to accomplish. They have something to fall back on. Evelyn has forgotten what she says and did in order for Royce to respond by doing intereviews. Evelyn don’t want none. All talk and no bite. She got schooled on Season 2 reunion and Season 3 with a drink being thrown. How many lessons do she wanna learn?

  7. Eve I used 2 like u bt wat u doing in season 4 lol u nid 2 grow up u r a mother 4 heaven sake y u so afta jen dat b-tch doesn’t evn thnk abt u evn wen u around so plz focus on making ur x husband b faithful n stop dis strss release on ada b-tches or else will call royce to again brk a glass using your hand

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