Does This Mean Rihanna is Done With Chris Brown?

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The crazy Rihanna and Chris Brown saga didn’t really turn out like Chrihanna fans expected it. When it was rumored that Chris Brown and Rihanna would be getting back together back in October just days before he publicly called it quits with Karrueche Tran, most us didn’t expect Chris to manage to keep both women in his life ever since the public break up. Much to our surprise, the break up only created what looked like a love triangle between Chris, Rihanna and Karrueche. Since ending things with Karrueche, Chris has been splitting his time between both women and hasn’t really done much to hide that fact. This hasn’t gone over well with Rihanna though, and she’s made it clear through her Twitter and Insagram accounts that she was not pleased that Chris has not severed all ties with Karrueche. Although we were informed that Chris is still technically a single man, it was clear that Rihanna wanted him exclusively. Unfortunately for her, not only did she have to share his time with Karrueche, but she also has French reality television stars and random groupies to worry about if she wants Chris all to herself.

In addition to hearing about Chris partying with Karrueche in Paris and friends of the aspiring model telling Wendy Williams that Chris and Karrueche still act like a couple, those close to Rihanna say the singer is emotionally devastated by Chris’ behavior. According to a relative, Rihanna is starting to think that Chris will never change.

Well it appears that Rihanna really has reached her breaking point with Chris Brown (at least for now). The singer took to her Twitter account and declared herself as single earlier today:

rihanna instagram


As we recently reported, we did hear that Chris has been single since breaking up with Karrueche in October. We just wonder if this is Rihanna’s way of making it clear that she thinks Chris Brown might be a lost cause. It’s not like she hasn’t thrown shade to him before on Instagram.


  1. She’s done until he comes back to the states. When he gets off tour, they’ll be smashing again and she’ll be tweeting and posting pics of his arm on her thigh on Instagram again. You know, because he doesn’t allow her to take pictures with his actual face.

  2. She needs to move on. All of this was about beating Karrueche anyway, but at the end of the day, Kae was going to end up with Chris. She’s a laid back chick who obviously doesn’t mind him sleeping around. Chris knows it doesn’t get any better than that. Smh.

  3. LMAO whatever. He’ll call her when he gets bored and they will be back on. This is an ongoing thing that has gone on for the last 3 years. Not buying it and I’m sure Chris isn’t either.

  4. Kae and Rih are both side chicks. I say that because neither one of them has the whole man. And side chicks don’t get to choose. They hang around until the man is done with them. So this isn’t really over until Chris decides he wants some new side chicks. I’m not sure he’s there yet.

  5. What this really means is that Rihanna is about to go back to f-cking half of the rap industry. Somebody call Kendrick Lamar and tell him not to get caught up. She loves fresh meat.

  6. I honestly feel he deeply cares for Kae. I don’t think he can bring himself to trust or totally forgive Rihanna for throwing him under a bus. She never admitted her role in the assault and I think this is why he did her the way he did. To him, Kae is more loyal. Rih needs to move on and accept that it’s not meant to be.

    1. YESSSSSS!!!!!!!! U are so right! I was thinking the same thing…..I don’t think he can bring himself to trust or totally forgive Rihanna for throwing him under a bus. She never admitted her role in the assault

  7. Well Christina Milian non-factored self said Chris and Karreuche are still together! Although he did break up with her publicly, she is still around for a reason. Now I aint on nobody side Im sick of the 3 of them. Geesh I wish they go ahead and have a Minaj and for goodness sake put the tape out!

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