Evelyn Lozada Lifts No Contact Order on Chad Johnson

Photo Credit: @evelynlozada Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Evelyn Lozada and Chad Johnson’s romance came to a violent end when it was confirmed that Chad had headbutted Evelyn during a heated argument over a receipt to a box of condoms discovered in the former football player’s car. In just a few days, it seemed as if the couple virtually lost everything as a result, their marriage, their reality show on VH1, and even that lavish paid for wedding after the country that sponsored the ceremony requested for the former couple to pay back the funds it spent on marrying the former lovebirds. But it would be Chad who would lose more from the incident, as he was eventually dropped from the Miami Dolphins and still has not been signed by any other NFL team, signaling many to believe that his career might be over. But as Chad would reveal in his recent interview with ESPN’s First Take, he considered his biggest lost being his marriage to Evelyn Lozada.

Evelyn Lozada filed for a no contract order against Chad Johnson after the former football star was arrested. As a result, the former couple have not been able to communicate legally with each other besides the occasional subliminal tweets and code tweets they have been sending each other for the last few weeks. Evelyn recently admitted in a recent interview that she would like to talk to Chad and ask him why he let his anger take things as far as it did, and it appears she may now get her chance since it’s been confirmed that Evelyn has lifted the no contact order against Chad.

According to several media outlets in Miami, the former couple made an appearance to court on Monday with their attorneys and Evelyn requested the judge lift the no contact order. In the hearing, the reality star claimed that she is not afraid of Chad and as a result, the judge lifted the no contact order.

The lift of the no contact order comes just days after Evelyn claimed in a recent interview that she isn’t against giving Chad a second chance and Chad confirmed that he and Evelyn are still legally married, since he purposely didn’t sign his correct name on the divorce papers.


  1. Call me cagy, but I think they do really love each other. I just hope they keep their hands and HEADS to themselves this time.

  2. Don’t know if they are in love but I do believe they look cute together, but because of the fact she haven’t moved on leads me to believe there are some genuine feelings on her part. As for Chad he is a cheater and a woman beater and he will never change! If she gets back with him she is giving him a pass to continue to do whatever he wants!

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