Katt Williams Compares His Recent Troubles to Dave Chapelle’s Breakdown

Photo Credit: @kattpackallday Twitter
Photo Credit: @kattpackallday Twitter

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Katt Williams has had quite the string of legal troubles for the last couple of months. The troubled stand up comedian has been arrested several times, accused of assaulting some of his own fans and even his own assistant, as well as facing charges of allegedly assaulting a Target employee and sending the cops on an alleged high-speed chase because he refused to stop his three wheel motorcycle for police. Of course his legal problems didn’t stop at arrests, as he has been served several lawsuits from former fans who are furious that the comedian’s performances were nothing more than on stage rants and tirades, and then there’s the former fan who is currently suing Williams because he claims the comedian hit him in the head with a microphone.

Katt of course claims none of these are a result of drug use and he claims he is not on any hard drugs. The comedian also made it clear that he isn’t too concerned with what the media says about him, but those close to him suggest he is suffering from mental illness and refuses to take his medication.

Regardless, Katt seems to cite a different reason for all of his recent legal troubles. During a recent performance at the Comedy Store in Hollywood, the comedian compares his recent experiences to those of fellow comedian Dave Chapelle. A few years ago, Chappelle abruptly walked away from his hit show The Chapelle Show and promptly moved to Africa. Eventually he would go on the Oprah Winfrey Show and tell Winfrey that he walked away from his show because the powers to be were pressuring him to sell out his own people, and he could no longer go through with it. Chapelle was labeled crazy by the media as a result, but Chapelle said recently in an interview that he was only given the label because he spoke the truth and the media was intent on destroying him because he was perceived as a threat.

Well Katt seems to think the same thing is happening to him. Generally labeled as a truth-telling and outspoken comic, during his recent performance, he told the audience that he is going through the same situation Dave Chappelle went through.

He says:

“I see them in their real colors. Let me tell you what the dude at Target said. ‘Your assistant is already suing you, you p*ssy a*s n*gger.’ I said ‘Did you just say the N word in front of Katt Williams?’ He said, ‘You say it all the time.’ I said ‘Say it again and see what’s happens.’ End of story. And if you white and you call me a n*gger I’ma [sic] punch you in your motherf*cking face too.

“That’s the same sh*t that drove Dave Chappelle out the business.”


Check out the footage, obtained by TMZ:


  1. Two different situations. Katt is actually going around and assaulting people, Dave walked away from money and folks thought he crazy. Katt is reaching and needs to go get himself some help.

  2. Katt sounds really arrogant. He’s not trying to take any responsibility for the crimes he has committed and that is not at all what happened to Dave.

  3. I’m really not trying to hear that conspiracy BS. Katt could have prevented all of this if he had sat his little a– down somewhere. He willingly did all of this and I don’t see how he can compare himself to Dave Chappelle who went through what he went through at the height of his career. Katt has fallen off and he’s mad about it.

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